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  1. am sure AA X will rerconfigure the 2 leased A343s into 2 Class with maximum seats in EY and have IFE as it charges for usgae - just like as in its onwed A330s.
  2. n air asia LCCT owned and run by air asia does have its advantages as what tOny had mentioned - it will save AA alot of money in the region of rm100 million through landing fees, gate fees and other charges by MAB - which AA can used this savings towards their own airport. And AA will have full control over its flights in taking off n landings and this will also reduce their delays due to long peak waiting times at the KLIA runways. However on the other side, of course to build another airport and so near to KLIA - will also render KLIA more to a white elephant status as when AA builds up its AA X international network, it will bite into MAS routes n load and hence resulting in reduced frequencies by MAS and resultant less traffic over at KLIA.
  3. at least SQ's new A333s will be way better than MH's A330s which most do not have PTVs and old interiors and seemingly poorly maintained interior planes.
  4. believed Tony Fernandez flew by SQ A380 in its First Class Suite to London on one of his flights - and he actually posted his pic and some comments on his SQ flight.
  5. actually do remember that s'pore temasek actually bought into thai air asia and hence as its part owned by air asia - indirectly it had some stakes in air asia.
  6. AAX still keep mum on the type of aircraft that it will use for its KUL-UK route in march 09 - but if it does use the A330, then it entails a technical stop or through a mid-east city if it gets the rights to pick up pax. Unserstandably as AAX n AA operates a all airbus aircraft, the perception that AAX will use a A340 bec of commonality in training tech crew. But the A340 will come in at a higher costs as it carries fewer pax, higher fuel burn and higher maintenance costs as it a quad engined plane. AAX will likely get the A350 for the non-stop service but it will be a few years away. Well I wont be surprise if AAX eventually leased the 772s for its UK route as it can carry more pax, and even cargo (if it develops this) and lower fuel burn - until its A350s arrives. At present there inthese times there are quite a number of 772s coming off mainline airlines.
  7. from Dec 08, all flight fares advertisements in the local s'pore media must be all inclusive ie with surcharges, admin fees etc - and all travel agents should abide by it too. If only the malaysia govt does the same and esp air asia to show all its inclusive fares instead of still beinga llowed to advertise as RM1 or RM 0 fares!
  8. no matter what flying still is faster than a "5 hr" bus ride - which is provided that the highway is smooth, off-peak and no traffic accidents" and immigrationa nd customs clearances. Do remember too that even taking a coach it still translates to more than the "5 hr" jouriney as one have to take a taxi/bus from his home to the coach station at least half an hour before the coach leaves.
  9. air asia is not too bad - worse is SIN TIger airways.
  10. MAS should sell or leased its 6 A380s as it really havent got the routes for them that can sustain the A380 except for KUL-LHR perhaps but then again maybe not 2 daily A380s.
  11. well no difference as temasek is 100% owned by s'pore govt anyway - and ex-civil servants will still be in charge. temasek can easily access the reserves - so plenty billions left for her to spend - but its just right pocket to left anyway as its from the govt to its own company.
  12. do not think Jetstar asia or Tiger will begin flights so soon even though they can operate from 1st november - as both do not have the number of aircrafts as Tiger now have 8 A320s and 3K with 7 A320s - both of which aircrafts are heavily used at present - and not forgetting that from 1st Dec - they have added extra flights for SIN-KUL-SIN. Am not sure too if air asia can spare the additional aircrafts as it too will launch 6 times daily on its KUL-SIN from dec.
  13. It will also depend on UK which is now mulling whether to introduce a Visa requirement for malaysians travelling to UK or not - and if it does, then KUL-UK sectors will likely see a drop in pax even for MH.
  14. It depends - as connecting flights to other indonesian domestic flights from batam is much cheaper than ex-SIn or even ex-KUL; as batam is considered a domestic sector - in fact some people from SIN do take the ferry to batam (half hr ride) to catch domestic flights to various parts of indonesia. But it still remains whether this would be viable from KUL.
  15. getting a 3K flight to KUL for S$190 is fairly expensive and is almost at the same price as for SQ/MH - as normally if booked 3/4 days ahead would only costs abt S$68. Yes Jetstar SIN-KUL-SIN loads are light and hardly above 50% load if at all - but its good bec one can always have an empty seat or the whole row to himself - and need not pay extra for the emergency exit row or the 1st row.
  16. MH must cut those destinations which have poor loads as soon as poosible, and in some safe measures, MH should swallow its pride and follow SQ's popular route selection. Is MH still flying to Buenos Aires which have been suffering from very low yields n load factors for years but seems to be still operating?
  17. the 739s do look impressive, but does MH really need 55 of such aircrafts - even for its domestic and regional routes?
  18. Not sure if an AA 320 can have a tail strike when landing? - as generally occurred during take-offs but in A320 do believe that the plane is limited by its flight management that it cant be allowed to have a tail-strike.
  19. air asia have come some ways to improving itself and it can be clearly seen - as their flight delays are less and in fact on few occassions which i took their flights, they were even early for departures by 5 mins to 15 mins - yes 15 mins!. Their A320 aircrafts are very new against MAS 14 year-old 737s and for their value esp when booked early - its a fair bit of savings. The only no improvement so far is the LCCT terminal which is over-crowded and ocer0used esp during peak times - which is not wholly the fault of AA but that of MAB.
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