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  1. I mean the article like this. https://www.news.com.au/travel/travel-advice/travellers-stories/travel-blogger-bullied-by-airline-after-posting-midflight-bad-review/news-story/a129c4c258a1b623a2eef7e971996252
  2. Review is still a review and whether there is a secondary gains look at what we were shown, if you watch the video : 1. The quality and hygiene of the food. I would not eat the rubbery, stick to the container egg-like food 2. The PTV wasnt working and despite their reassurance in making him feel comfortable, they did not fix the PTV or offered other options. If you are an anxious person and has in mind that you are flying a plane with PTV and did not give that and had to endure 14 hours of flight, how do you feel? The crew could even offer to waive internet fee, instead of asking to shut his phone. 3. As you can see from the video, how the crew acted by asking him to shut off. Despite flowery speech about whether they did it or not, it is in the video. You cant shut peoples voice, they will talk even more. He did say he got the email reply from CEO but it was a generic apology. Impersonal replies, we got it all the time. 4. He is an influential blogger and that the fact that he did ask permissions to video prior to the review. I hope MAS will come up with better statement and improvement in their products and service to match Malaysian Hospitality they aspire to bring. Please not another nasi lemak telanjang. Btw, this article is currently viral in Australian media and press.
  3. Lets not get too bogged down to the term. The CEO does not want people to think that by squeezing 700 people inside the a380 that people will think that it is a tin can, akin to cattle class. Therefore he justifies of having business class and first class. Thats all.
  4. Just some pictures of Mrs Crocker and the foot. (from the news website : https://au.news.yahoo.com/vic/a/26023881/melbourne-mum-sues-airasia-after-hostess-fell-on-her/) Ms Crocker suffered multiple joint fractures, a ligament tear and a deep vein thrombosis, and was forced to take time off work. AirAsia passenger Erin Crocker suffered mutliple injuries to her right foot which required major surgery after a mid-air drama. Photo: Facebook
  5. "highly speculative content" Rosmah does not need to do the shopping, she can hire someone to do it for her (personal shopper), and just get them off during the short stopovers. Furthermore, New York, London, Dubai, and Bangkok are incidentally known for its vast duty free selections for high end tastes. Shopping can still happen. Despite the denial of PMO, the plane was certainly around the world - for what reason - it remains a mystery.
  6. Finally! AirAsia agrees to move to KLIA 2 by May 9 KUALA LUMPUR: AirAsia Group has agreed to move to the new Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (KLIA 2) by May 9, 2014 as the current low-cost carrier terminal (LCCT) will be closed on the same date.The group has been making all necessary preparations to move into the new airport, in line with the Operational Readiness and Transfer (ORAT) specifications, such as airside and operations trials. “With Malaysia Airport Holdings Bhd (MAHB) assistance and support, we would be able to comply with the ORAT requirements to facilitate our move,” AirAsia Group said in a statement today. Read more: AirAsia agrees to move to KLIA 2 by May 9 - Latest - New Straits Times http://www.nst.com.my/latest/airasia-agrees-to-move-to-klia-2-by-may-9-1.568488#ixzz2ywiK8O2t
  7. To clarify, the signage has 5 languages : Bahasa, English, Chinese, Arabic, and Japanese. From Skyscrapercity forum : http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=119809&page=158
  8. Twit AirAsia on @askairasia. They do answer your questions quite fast.
  9. PREMIUM AIRLINE TO SOLVE ASIA WOES http://www.travelweekly.com.au/news/premium-airline-to-solve-asia-woes By Stephen Jones on 16 August 2011 Qantas with hold talks with Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia over the creation of a full service premium airline but chief executive Alan Joyce said it was only one possibility as it looks to build a major presence in Asia. Joyce said it will talk with both carriers — which last week signed their own alliance — to see “what the opportunities could look like”. Kuala Lumpur and Singapore are both among the possible locations for the new carrier. But wherever it ends up being, the operation will be a joint venture as under foreign ownership regulations Qantas will only be able to hold a maximum 49% share. A deal with Malaysia, soon to be a oneworld member, is though the most likely scenario. The new airline will carry a new brand, operate new A320 aircraft and offer a new “look and feel”, Joyce said. He highlighted Qantas International’s declining market share into Asia as Asian airlines continue to eat into its business. The new carrier will operate initially with 11 A320s with flights into Australia and intra-Asia. Joyce said the creation of the airline, along with the new low cost Jetstar Japan, would effectively see the group’s dual-branded Australian business replicated in Asia. Qantas’s frequent flyer scheme will also be extended to the new ventures, a major advantage, Joyce said.
  10. I assessed and try to book via Malaysia page. It still goes back to the Splash Welcome page everytime I press Submit on the main booking page. I assessed it in Australia Using Mac Browsers: Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. All don't work. Any successes everyone else?
  11. I still have problems with booking engine, it transfers back to the welcome page. Anyway, you can still use the mobile version at flymas.mobi
  12. The booking engine does not work AT ALL in Safari, Chrome, or Firefox in Mac.
  13. I think, from my experience, they tend to automatically give bad seats (middle) when you do web check-in early. Once you are allocated a seat, you will get the same seat even if you go to the counter. If you want to get reasonable seat, don't attempt web check-in at all.
  14. From The Star Is this the economy seat of 738? with no IFE?
  15. This is not clear. What about those who go for Kiosk Check in with printed boarding line who goes directly to the baggage drop? What about those doing the mobile check? Are they also slammed with the check in fee of RM5, given they have already checked in via a different way, not the counter check in?
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