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  1. Great photos! The Air Macau is my favourite, because it was a Portuguese airline a few years ago, when Macau was a part of the Portuguese territory! All their planes had Portuguese registrations, for example, that B-MAG was CS-MAG (the M is for Macau)
  2. Portugal has ordered some A400M, but then it changed their mind and decided to upgrade the C-130s... The A400M in the PoAF livery would be great!
  3. Does anyone know if they will pain that "new" logo, in the entire fleet?
  4. http://www.asasdoimperio.com/ An excellent website, were you can learn more about the aviation history of one of the first and one of the biggest global empires that the world have ever seen. Please, check it, and comment it here!
  5. Now is quite different! Sata has a new livery, and the TAPs are all in the new livery, TAAG flies with a leased 747-400, Lisbon is one of the three cities worldwide that receives regular flights with a South African 747, a lot more traffic, ...
  6. Beautiful Portuguese airplane! I saw it yesterday in Lisbon!
  7. Not in decades... Before the Black list, they flew to Europe quite often...
  8. But, only Stansted? I heard about Prague, Manchester, Moscow... How many A330 does Air Asia X have? And will they receive the A340?
  9. But there's not demand for a Portugal-Macau route... There was a Lisbon-Macau flight (TAP Portugal A340), but it hadn't good occupation... Viva Macau said it would begin Lisbon-Macau flights (767) but nothing until today... Tony Fernandes said that he wanted to fly to Lisbon, but since Lisbon Airport is expensive it would fly to Faro (or Porto)... In Beja (100 km south of Lisbon) there is a new airport (mainly for cargo and low cost airlines) and perhaps Air Asia X could fly to there! Does Air Asia X already have any announced flights to Europe?
  10. From TAP Portugal, 1 flight - 5 ways to travel http://www.5-ways-to-travel.com/
  11. Tony Fernandes, is half Portuguese, and in one of his last trips to Portugal he said that Air Asia X was trying to link Kuala Lumpur with Portugal, but not Lisbon (too expensive). He said that Air Asia X would fly either Kuala Lumpur-Faro or Kuala Lumpur-Porto. Do you know anything?
  12. What Malaysian airlines could be interested in a new twin turboprop light aircraft, in any of this configurations? - Passengers: 19-seats - Cargo: 3.3ton payload - Combi: 14 seats, and 13.1cubic metters. Take off distance: 610 metters Range: from Kuala Lumpur from Kota Kinabalu
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