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  1. is this eticket or still need to exchange at sistic outlet? also, where to board the shuttle to changi exhibition centre?
  2. is there a need to buy the public tickets in advance? or can buy on the spot on 15 feb at the event venue?
  3. what is the usual arrangement for customer who has already issued tickets to/from these suspended destination? i suppose full refund is an option? ... or they re-book the customer on another airline?
  4. but cannot book bki-icn online, though it is in the schedule...
  5. is there Duty Free Restriction for KL Bound Flights at Changi? i remember purchasing duty free stuff at Changi on a KCH bound flight... http://www.etour-singapore.com/duty-free-restriction-for-kl-bound-flights.html
  6. AK charges convenience fee the moment ticket is purchased using credit card. Later (nearer to travel date), if I add stuff like checked baggage, meal, seat, etc. will that attract another convenience fee if i pay using credit card again? [i think I found the answer at FAQ??] Answer : A convenience fee is charged when payment is made through credit, debit or charge cards. The fee is charged per guest for each way. Any changes or addition to existing booking is excluded from the Convenience Fee. Also, if I choose 20kg checked baggage, is that limited to 1pc 20kg? or can be 2-3pcs that totals up to 20kg?
  7. there is "multiple entry visa" for japan, but not sure whether it is applicable for "Holiday/Transit" category. no harm calling embassy to ask if u r a frequent visitor.
  8. 247, wonder what is the time schedule like?
  9. so what happen to the right that is awarded to Transmile?
  10. what happen to the train? "scheduled maintenance"?
  11. is enrich voucher transferable? ie. i redeem the voucher, pass it to someone else to use for inflight purchase? those items in eshops are either not to my liking or no stock. also, how long is the voucher validity?
  12. dsim

    ana snoopy

    is this livery still in service? http://airlineworld.files.wordpress.com/2007/12/livery_ana_snoopy.jpg
  13. if remove personal avods, then have to stick up at big LCD screen for all to view
  14. why mas dont use conveyor belt to load/unload checked-in baggage onto the 737's? at least i didnt see them using it at KCH. same time, Jetstar taxi beside it uses conveyor belt to load/unload checked-in baggage. i thought using conveyor belt to load/unload checked-in baggage would mean less "stress and strength" required from the workers doing the load/unload - and potentially less "handling accidents" resulting in $$ spend to repair/replace mis-handled baggage?
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