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  1. The screens on the A330 are already LCD's. There are two extra screens on the front panel and 1 on each side for the EFB's compared to the A330. Maybe closer to the A380 but with two less thrust levers.
  2. I thought we're not supposed to take these awards seriously anymore?
  3. Medical emergency from what I heard.
  4. Won't work if they still have to answer to the same people running the show now.
  5. Airlines that practice missed approaches - Good Airlines that don't - will end up like the one in BLI.
  6. That is right. 9M MKA was supposed to leave for Tupelo on the 15th of June. However the buyer recently indicated they are not ready to receive the aircraft yet so it is now delayed with the new date yet to be determined.
  7. Not yet. Another flight test was carried out today. Expect the aircraft to leave probably by the third week of June.
  8. No change in seniority number and in MH the payscale is the same for the widebody fleet.
  9. You are mistaken if you think it's more hands on on the 777 than the A330. They don't call it managing a flight rather than fly a plane for nothing. Anyways changing rating from one aircraft to another is not supposed to be a big deal to airline pilots. Sure there are cost in training but there can be savings in other areas too. It doesn' t really matter which plane they chose as along as they do it properly. Just something I heard recently- during the days when MH was deciding which aircraft to replace the 737-400. After much deliberation and analysis it was decided that the A320 was the best choice and so a recommendation was made to the board. There was a big meeting among the top people and the result was they were going with the 737-800 as replacement, much to the surprised of the Flight ops people. So there you go.
  10. No need to convince, the pilots are supposed to fly any aircraft that's assigned to them and it is not a downgrade by any means.
  11. A little correction, you don't call ground after vacating at C6. Instruction to change over is normally given once the aircraft is on taxiway G or H. So after vacating the runway you will be on tower frequency until after you have crossed the runway from C1 and then only change to Ground frequency. A little less complicated in real life I would think.
  12. It is already wearing the Oneworld livery, saw it last night.
  13. The opposition has been ruling Kelantan for years but how come all these incidents seems to suddenly appear just as the GE looms near?
  14. There are no more A330 scheduled for MH anymore this year if I'm not mistaken, the next one will be next year.
  15. Depending on the Flight time limitations under split duty it might just be legal to do. Hard work I know and not terribly popular amongst the crew but to say it's cruel is a bit harsh.
  16. If I'm not mistaken it was brought over from the old terminal, can anybody confirm?
  17. That's a little too simplistic, there must be some limits according to the law, rules, local customs and sensitivities etc. What if somebody wears a bikini or a Speedo for a flight? Would you just look away now?
  18. Better check you facts, don't think MRK being back in action is because of flip flop decision making.
  19. Who is the handling agent in AKL? Is it possible to complain direct to MAS in KL?
  20. So it's the no2 engine and not 2 engines after all.
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