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  1. All airlines will claim that safety comes first in any situation but it is also known that some companies are more Go minded than others.There should be no criticism for the decision taken by the Malindo pilots to go around and diverted. The fact that the aircraft ahead or behind manage to land should not be used to judge whether the Malindo pilots were right or not. Usually accidents or incidents only happen to those that push it to far rather than those who took the less risky option.
  2. One thing that I noticed is that there have been more breakdowns of the aerotrain since they build the maintenance depot. Remember reading that they claimed the train ops will run smoother once the depot was build but seems to be the other way round to me.
  3. Heard recently that they might start with a couple of 737-500s. Whether true or not, only time will tell.
  4. After the recent resignations on the 737 fleet, maybe not enough pilots left for starting another base.
  5. A330 will fly to JED starting mid August
  6. That is what a lot of them are planning to do. I heard from a friend that more than 100 pilots will be joining SV once they completed their medical and serving the 3 months notice to newco. Others will be joining mainly Korean, EK, EY and QR.
  7. Most likely the crew will travel back as pax on the PER-KUL flight on the next day.
  8. For the pilots offered contract with Newco got 0.25x. Those not offered got the full 1.5x but even then the actual figure is nowhere near 2M.
  9. Saying that because 98% accepted the new offer as a massive vote is not entirely true. Most MH staff that I know accepted it because they have no other choice. The pilots, especially the senior ones are generally unhappy, which was demonstrated in the large numbers present at the recent KL, QR, EK and SV carreer day/interview. We will have to see by late December or January to see whether there will be an exodus once the selection process for those airlines are completed.
  10. Still couldn't believe it. Batchmate, training partner and..... friend. RIP Capt Eugene.
  11. Close down LHR? Might as well close down altogether.
  12. Rumour going round that AJ will be in Singapore and some sort of announcement will be made.
  13. Not so simple. There are no cabin crew currently rated on the B744.
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