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  1. Hi guys, check this out. http://www.newairplane.com/747/video/
  2. Yes it was a 777-300ER; I was flying the next day to London and and was wondering how come there were two SIA Planes- one parked at the gate and one on the tarmac. At least I know why now.
  3. I see. So fleet simplification with the A380, A330 and 737-800. sounds interesting! WHEN the 777-200ERs are pased out, I am sure Boeing will be quite keen on MAS to get the 777-x or 787.
  4. what about the 747-8i. order 5-6 of them and for the 3rd London daily flight when it becomes operational and Melbourne and Sydney and even LAX. ANy thoughts?
  5. Great. Thanks. It will be awesome to see MAS have the newer generation A330-300s but it will be better if they do get some 777-300ERs too or the newer generation 777-X.
  6. Hi. So no special or new livery on the remaining B777-200ERs??? I find this very hard to believe that the remainder whether 15 or 10 B777-200ER will be on their way out so soon. MAS has not mentioned anything about widebody fleet renewal
  7. Any idea when the MAS 777-200ER would get the new livery on them??
  8. So no more 744 for MAS. How sad!! I think MAS should keep 2 just in case. Any idea what is the reliablity rate of the A380s?
  9. any celebration being the last 747 flight for MAS?
  10. Any idea if Malaysia airlines still have the last few 747-400s or have they all left the fleet? Also any idea on the 777-200ER replacements?
  11. MAS should re start flying to Stockholm Arlanda + Zurich+ Rome. All operating on the B777-200ER.
  12. Thanks for your comments.. but YOU ARE JUST RUDE- Mohd Azizul. I was just sharing what I heard. No harm rite??? lets see!!
  13. Mayb a couple of 747-8I, 777Ws and a couple of 787s.. That will be good.. The 747-8I can fly into LHR- The other one or two flights a day( Rumour MH might increase frequency to 4x daily) and to SYD, LAX and MELBOURNE.. Also AMSTERDAM MAS would operate both AIRBUS and BOEING...Airbus A330/A380 and Boeing 737-800/ 77W/787/747-8I I remmeber when my dad was head of S&D for SHELL Msia in the late 80s and 90s, they too operated a mixture of VOLVO and SCANIA trucks. Perhaps thats the way to go!!!
  14. Heard from a relaible source that MAS may be leasing some 777-300ERs.. Anyone can confirm??
  15. Good day from Kiwiland.. I think ANZ is planning to fly to Mumbai and New Delhi as they have finally realised it has a big market. I think they are also planning to fly to another European city- Frankfurt is I am not mistaken. Many years ago ANZ use to operate their own metal to Frankfurt via LAX. ANZ is also planning to fly to Singapore/KL/Bangkok.. I think KLIA is trying to woo them to fly into KL. And also another stop will be MiddleEast- Maybe Abu Dhabi or Dubai!! Its all depends on when they r getting their 787 and whether 777-300er/777-200er has got capacity.
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