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  1. I can see this happening when, a) Changi sank into the sea. b ) Suvarnabhumi sank into the swamp.
  2. After years of fighting for supremacy, Airbus and Boeing decided to merge and conquer the world of aviation. The Airbus 737-300 is the first fruit of their labour.
  3. They used to bug MAS for more flights, seems to be AK's turn now.
  4. You shouldn't have bothered listening to those people anyway. A complete waste of time.
  5. Try this. Second sector of the day, flying across the Indian Ocean in the middle of the night, the radio is quiet since we're on HF and using SELCAL, both Captain and FO are sleepy understandably and suddenly the MASTER WARNING ALARM" goes ! Within seconds both will be wide awake with bloods pumping and heart racing faster than the plane itself and it is a really good fright I'll promise you. Eventually they'll realized it's another "Lavatory Smoke" alarm caused by some idi0t smoking in the toilet. If only you can flush them out.
  6. It is a problem but not really that dangerous as losing an engine in isolation is not that big a deal. The problem comes if there is something else affected by the engine separation such as flight controls, fuel tank/lines etc.
  7. With an old plane it's not the matter of if but when. Those who chose to travel on AAX better have some buffer days on their schedule.
  8. Nope. Only if you let it and to say relying on computers as Airbus policy is not entirely correct.
  9. Now that Tony has got his wished, I wonder when he'll start making noise about having more frequency to SIN ?
  10. How about the few Captains-Lawyers they have in MAS? I do agree that the statement made by the lawyer was really dumb.
  11. He was and a good exco too. He will be missed.
  12. They do use it, from time to time and slot permitting of course.
  13. It looks to me it'll make a good freighter perhaps ?
  14. Well we all know there are plenty of Malaysians flying for Etihad. Those who flew the A340 and 777 got their chance to fly home ever since they started flying to KLIA. So now perhaps it's the A330 boys turn to fly home.
  15. Logically I don't see why those 2 airports especially KCH needs a LCCT. Then again nothing about local aviation seems logical lately anyways.
  16. A former MAS fleet manager heads the company and flying the aircraft.
  17. Caught a few airlines by surprise including our own MH 52 and 53.
  18. It's the DCA callsign for their calibrator aircraft and as the name suggest they do calibration work on the ILS, VORDME etc.
  19. A little too late I believed and those who got the special payment before will get another windfall so there is another bone of contention. Serba serbi salah and nasi sudah menjadi bubur.
  20. Actually, the first A330 arrived in 1995 and flew in March or April if I'm not mistaken and the first one was 9M-MKC.
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