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  1. Don't think you can get the 787 maintenances manual right now...the aircraft is not even certified yet...usually only a few months before the plane is about to enter service, would you be able 2 get a copy of it.....and it is normally restricted circulation 2 airline operators....
  2. You guys probably have seen this old video before...just to share with them new folks..hehehe...enjoy.. click link for part 1: Part 2 Part 3
  3. Airbus is under a lot of pressure lately , particularly the Power8 cost cutting and planed elimination of 10,000 Jobs...you can imagine the workers in the factories being disgruntled and having daily strikes and industrial action...at the same time there is a lot of management changes occurring within.... and of course customers dissatisfaction on the handling of A380 fiasco, and thus there exist increased pressure to not screw up on deliveries of other models.... .. and to meet demand Airbus are aiming to increase production rapidly , despite the circumstances... .......all these factors could ultimately lead to quality control issues....
  4. Ahh..MSN3 is bout to be delivered in a few months time.. ..i better finish my work, or people are going 2 be disappointed ..hehe..
  5. ..there are a lot of international conman who are working with local business- conman to promote new and interesting projects...doono why but aerospace seems 2 be one of the major attractions for these individuals... ..i personally was working under such an organization selling an aerospace product...a westerner and local conman who were trying 2 get international investors into the project..once i knew their intentions..i bailed out immediately ..these people are really giving a bad name for malaysia.... ..i also know off 2 other dubious schemes running around also promoting aerospace ventures...again international collaboration..but since my experience , i can tell these are probably another money grabbing outfit...
  6. Well the A320 family has a history of landing gear and braking problems..was it the nose landing gear that jammed?... Recall infamous A320 Jet Blue gear incident... "With about 2,500 Airbus A320s in operation worldwide, the number of incidents involving jammed nose gear is not significant, Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Greg Martin said Thursday. The A320 family _ which includes the A318, A319 and A321 _ has a somewhat unusual landing gear that rotates before retracting into the fuselage. "It's definitely not the most common way," said Chuck Eastlake, aerospace engineering professor at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Fla. "The reason is that the ability of the nose wheel to rotate 90 degrees introduces the possibility of failure, exactly like what we saw." The problems with JetBlue Flight 292 marked at least the seventh time that the front landing gear of an Airbus jet has locked at a 90-degree angle, forcing pilots to land commercial airliners under emergency conditions, according to federal records. No one has been injured in the incidents, which span about a decade. There are more than 2,500 planes from the Airbus 320 family, which includes the Airbus 318, 319 and 321 models, in operation worldwide. Aviation safety officials Thursday said the planes have a good safety record. In the most recent case, JetBlue's flight from Burbank to New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport, carrying 140 passengers, was forced Wednesday to make an emergency landing at Los Angeles International Airport. The plight of the aircraft was televised nationwide, beginning with the plane circling over the California coast and ending at an LAX runway with a landing marked by fire streaming from the plane's front wheels. Howard Plagens, a senior air safety investigator with the National Transportation Safety Board, which is investigating Wednesday's incident, called problems with landing gear "common." At a news conference Thursday at the Proud Bird Restaurant outside LAX, he said he believed that passengers had no reason for concern about the safety of the Airbus fleet. "How many Airbus A320s are out there?" he said, adding that the number of times the wheels have locked is small. "Incidents happen every day" involving landing gear on all types of planes, he said. The locking of the nose landing gear on Airbus jets is one of several recurring problems with the plane's nose landing gear. A Canadian study issued last year documented 67 incidents of nose-landing-gear failures on Airbus 319, 320 and 321 aircraft worldwide since 1989. Plagens said the A320 wasn't grounded after previous incidents involving the nose landing gear because "they did do fixes for those things." After the initial investigation, the NTSB will look at maintenance records for other Airbus A320 aircraft, Plagens said. Investigators will review other instances involving the plane's nose wheel, as well as modifications recommended to fix the problem. "If we find a pattern, we'll certainly do something," he said. NTSB officials expect the investigation into Flight 292's emergency landing to take six to nine months. They have removed the cockpit voice recorder and the digital flight data recorder from the plane and sent them to Washington for evaluation. In the next few days, safety officials will decide whether to send the entire nose-landing-gear assembly to New York, where mechanics will take it apart piece by piece and reassemble it to try to re-create the failure. The landing gear on the nose of the A320, also known as the nose wheel, is a big, bulky system controlled by a computer. The computer gives commands to an electrical system, which in turn operates the hydraulics that move the gear up and down, moving the wheels into proper position for both landing and storage. The problem that caused the wheel on Flight 292 to lock in the wrong position could have been caused by the electrical system, the hydraulics or some other part of the assembly, Plagens said. The maker of the nose landing gear, Paris-based Messier-Dowty, said in a National Transportation Safety Board report dated April 2004 that the company had redesigned the backplate onto which the shock absorber attaches to prevent the problem from recurring. At that time the manufacturer said it was awaiting approval of the redesign. Federal aviation officials and an Airbus spokeswoman said Thursday that they did not know whether replacement of the problematic part had been approved or implemented. A call to a spokeswoman for Messier-Dowty in Paris was not immediately returned.
  7. Here some more info i found on incident from some people in the net... "Some kind of powdered dangerous goods improperly packed which subsequently spilled in the belly. Loaded in Beijing if my memory serves me. $80m worth of damage, shipper hauled up by the chinese govt. The chemical was HYDROXIL QUINOLINE. It was improperly packed and wrongfully declared by the agent in China. Shipment was for India. Spillage was in the fwd cargo area, which damaged the area and contents badly. Also affected were the engines cos when the cargo doors were open, the engines were windmilling and sucked in the fumes. The fumes damaged the engines and ductings including those of the aircond system. Damaged too expensive to repair and damage due corrosion difficult to ascertain. Best thing to do, write it off and make insurance claim. The aircraft was a write-off and MAS was compensated for about US$90 million early this year."
  8. Looks like MKB was the first A330 in active service 2 be written off (besides the crash of the Airbus prototype)...wonder what happened to MKB?? Was it cannibalized and scrapped?
  9. Was MAS one of the joint launch customers for the -300?..i remember reading somewhere..i think thai and MAS were the first 2 receive them???...any clarification... I guess first customers would always take the risk of a bug riddle airplane... Have flown MAS and Emirates A330s only....anyone flown A340s ?..since the 2 have a generally similar wing and fuselage cross section, curious on how different is flying in an A330 and A340 (besides extra engines)...i hear A340s are quiet...would love 2 have a chance 2 fly in them...
  10. I found this in Air Accident database...interesting, didnt know this before... Status: Preliminary Date: 15 MAR 2000 Time: ca 23:40 Type: Airbus A.330-322 Operator: Malaysia Airlines Registration: 9M-MKB C/n / msn: 068 First flight: 1995 Engines: 2 Pratt & Whitney PW4168 Crew: Fatalities: 0 / Occupants: 14 Passengers: Fatalities: 0 / Occupants: 252 Total: Fatalities: 0 / Occupants: 266 Airplane damage: Written off Location: Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KUL) (Malaysia) show on map Phase: Standing Nature: International Scheduled Passenger Departure airport: Beijing-Capital Airport (PEK/ZBAA), China Destination airport: Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KUL/WMKK), Malaysia Flightnumber: 085 Narrative: After arrival from a flight from Beijing, baggage handlers were unloading 80 canisters weighing 2,000kg when they were hit by the strong toxic fumes. A check by airport fire and rescue personnel revealed the canisters contained a chemical called "hydroxy quino-line" which is used for rust-proofing. Several canisters had leaked, causing severe damage to the aircraft fuselage. The aircraft was considered damaged beyond repair. I also read somewhere one of the first MAS A330 that was about to be delivered by Airbus, had a hot brakes that started a fire causing some damage and the plane had 2 be repaired .... ... MAS A330s has some pretty interesting history!!...
  11. Hi newbie here. I am quite familiar with both accidents....the PAN AM one was from reading my old take off magazine...plane was headed for vegas and the captain was a very experianced pilot, i think he was a flight instructor...the 727 took off in heavy weather ...at bout 100 ft , it hit a wind shear and lost speed rapidly, stalled and crashed nose high in a residential area....back in 1982 , wind shear detection technology was non existance.. Now the second accident I remember very well as i was in the states back in '85... me and my family were flying in a Delta Tristar out of Dallas FW...still remember the flight as the stewardess handed me a small white plastic Tristar model as a souvenir...i remember a few weeks later , when i opened up the days newspaper and saw in the front page a large picture of an ugly, black ,charred tail section of an aircraft with a tail engine....and was shocked that it was a delta tristar, the same type we had flown earlier a few weeks back...
  12. Actually, the Hawks and older Aermacchis were brought new....the 'A' varient Aermacchis were brought in around 83' to replace the old Tebuan jet/light attack trainer...... ...The Hawks were ordered in the early nineties after a plan to purchase Panavia Tornadoes fell through and a new combat aircraft was also required to replace the crash prone ,ex-US Navy Skyhawks .... The new Aermachis would replace the older 'A' varient which needs urgent replacement as they have very high flying hours ( some have been retired).....without the new trainers, the Air Force would have trouble training new pilots... my two cents....
  13. Sorry to steal your show...but... Korean Air to Buy 25 Boeing Aircraft Associated Press 11.20.06, 10:47 PM ET South Korea's flag carrier Korean Air said Tuesday it will buy 25 aircraft from Boeing Co. for around $5.5 billion, the largest aviation deal in the nation's history. Under the agreement, Boeing (nyse: BA - news - people ) will deliver 15 passenger aircraft and 10 freighters to Korean Air Co. - the world's biggest mover of air cargo - over a 10-year period beginning in 2009, the airline said in a statement. Korean Air will purchase 10 long-haul 777-300ERs and five medium-range 737-900/700 passenger jets, as well as 10 freighters, five 747-8Fs and five 777-200LRs. It has an option on an additional eight planes: four 777-300ERs, two 747-8Fs and two 737-900s. "The addition of Boeing's aircraft to our fleet will play an integral part in our development to become a leader in the world's aviation industry," Korean Air's chief executive, Cho Yang-ho, said in a statement. Korean Air will use the planes to take a larger slice of global passenger traffic and "become one of the world's top 10 passenger carriers by 2010," the statement said. The Seoul-based company, which operates a fleet of 118 aircraft in 33 countries, forecast annual aviation sector growth of 5 percent to 6 percent over the next two decades, spurred in part by China's economic boom. The contract was signed in Seoul on Monday by Korean Air's Cho and Boeing's vice president of commercial sales, Larry Dickenson. In May 2005, Korean Air ordered 10 of Boeing's B787 Dreamliner jets, still in development, with an option for another 20. It has also placed an order for five A380s superjumbos from Boeing's rival, Airbus SAS. Korean Air shares traded in Seoul dipped 1.8 percent to 35.500 Korean won ($37.80) following the news. The Korean Air deal is the latest major contract for Boeing. Earlier this month, the U.S. Air Force awarded a lucrative contract for search and rescue combat helicopters to a team led by aerospace Boeing. Chicago-based Boeing beat out rival Lockheed Martin Corp. (nyse: LMT - news - people ) and helicopter maker Sikorsky Aircraft for the contract to build 141 helicopters by 2019 for the Air Force's fleet of rescue aircraft, known as the Combat Search and Rescue program. The initial contract award is for $712 million; the program may be worth as much as $13 billion.
  14. Heres an animated re-enactment....of the near collision on the 23rd of July 2006... The animation is available in Flash format and was presented at the Board Meeting on 11/14/2006 in Washington, D.C. http://www.ntsb.gov/Events/2006/MostWanted...Description.htm This three dimensional animated reconstruction shows the runway incursion incident between an Atlas Air B747 and an United Airlines B737 at the Chicago O’Hare International Airport in Chicago, Illinois on July 23, 2006. The following incident reconstruction displays information from the flight data recorder, Air Traffic Communication, recorded radar data, and aircraft performance data. This reconstruction does not depict weather or visibility conditions at the time of the incident. This animation contains audio.
  15. Some more info on Finnair MD-11s coming to KUL '07... "Finnair are shuffling around thier long haul services in the Winter timetable due to planned MD11 maintenance. Currently their sole A340 operates to Shanghai. From 29 October till 2nd December the A340 will operate the Osaka and Nagoya flights vice MD11 and from 2nd December the A340 will revert back to the Shanghai route. From June 2007 after the arrival of 2 new A340's, Beijing and Delhi will be operated by the new aircraft. Bangkok will have 13 flights a week from May 2007, all MD11 operated with 4 flights continuing to Singapore and 3 onto the new destination of Kuala Lumpur. Hong Kong flights will revert to non stop operations for the Summer period instead if via Bangkok. Thanks to Ikka Mannikainen for this info.
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