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  1. For a start they should send 9M-MPB, 9M-MPD and 9M-MRD to Kota Kinabalu on a regular basis. To be honest I think MH is doing quite well, albeit all these complaints about their services. I grew up with terms like Mana Ada System but they have a better system than AK. I have flown on MH since I was born but I have never have to encounter serious issues like flight delays for hours and abrupt cancellation. AK? I have encountered them twice just last year.
  2. I suspect the same thing too. While AK has been expanding new routes from BKI this particular sector is quietly disappearing. From 7 flights per week to 3 and now?
  3. True. My job normally requires me to travel within Sabah and the occasional KL trip. Personally, though, I have thought of flying different airlines. Yeah, the last time I travel overseas was on RBA. Didn't touch my Enrich at all. But come to think of it, can you still get cheap tickets on other airlines if you have only 3 weeks to decide?
  4. Why not try to get tickets only during MAS Fair? I tried that last time and evenly share the balance that need to be forked out for the paying ticket. Last time I claimed return ticket to HKG and the extra paying ticket worked out to be 500+. I only have Enrich because there is a lack of airlines flying into KK.
  5. That's great news. Over here in Sabah we benefited tremendously as they always try to offer lower fare than MH to various destinations. It helps when you have oil spilling out from your normal water tap everyday.
  6. Exactly. If cancel flight all together not calculated! Why bother putting something like that on your own website and tend to cheat on it. This is false reporting!
  7. Congratulations to SIA for getting the first A380.
  8. Hmm...seems like they do not keep records of flight delay/grounded due to technical problems.
  9. I prefer to fly dual-aisle Airbus A330s then a single aisle B737s. Safer.
  10. Huh, a 5 star airline with no star food? How can a 5 star hotel don't have a swimming pool?
  11. The white and light green combo really gives you a different kinda feel. Would mind installing one of these in my living room. You have Osim? I'm on business class all the time.
  12. enrich also doing a triple bonus point promo at the moment. Started quite sometime ago and I also frequently transfer my unused points from credit cards to Enrich.
  13. I have been using MAS Enrich since 2001 purely because I don't have much chance flying on other airlines. Besides, cost of the tickets outweighs any FFP benefits for me.
  14. The www.geocities.com/apapele website cannot download anymore.
  15. Er...drainage? What drainage?
  16. Waiping

    Oh no !

    Open sky or not I think Singapore remains the preferred port of call for most major airlines.
  17. I don't understand why the planes only rosak when Air Asia is using them. Either the management is too dumb or too smart. Maybe for AK the RAS is just a cover to get something else i.e. money, license to fly etc. Can't see how they would agree to run the RAS only for 12 months.
  18. Are they letting Express Boarding board the plane first or do they let elderly or family with children board first? Back to the topic, does flight "rescheduling" count as delays? Because the rescheduling might be done 2 hours before flight, which mean you get to know you flight just got "rescheduled" when you check-in. What about flight cancellation? I normally asked for front row seat on MH because they offer more leg room. The ticketing staff never let this Enrich Blue member down.
  19. The Bashkirin Airlines was delayed for a couple of days before that fateful flight. Onboard were a group of promising and talented Russian children on vacation to Spain. There is a memorial erected near the German border where the planes went down.
  20. Looks like Kota Kinabalu International Airport. I think United flies to SIN from HKG everyday and the fare is relatively cheap compare to even MH or SQ. Not sure how they would fit in if they fly KUL as well. I think United flies to SIN from HKG everyday and the fare is relatively cheap compare to even MH or SQ. Not sure how they would fit in if they fly KUL as well. Check out United Airlines website and you might just find some bargain.
  21. Hi Guys, I am new here. Just wanted to know how was the investigation into the tragedy was conducted. Did MAS or the Government then requested the help of Boeing to determine the cause of the crash and likewise the Tawau crash?
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