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    BKI 2020

    Don't know about more flights, but i can help you with more aircraft photos. Jeju Air HL8322 "Scimitar" Winglet!
  2. Waiping

    BKI 2020

    The good start continues :- LoongAir first flight from Xian to BKI. Some say it's charter but others say it's scheduled.
  3. First proper spotting session for the new year. Starting off with a small mosquito. 9M-LCS formerly PK-LDG of Batik Indonesia. Probably roped in to as Malindo has allocated 1 B737-900 for charter duty to Japan since end of 2019. Finally able to photograph 9M-VAA in good light. Been trying to get her ever since her schedule changed to afternoon arrival. Weather hasn't been kind until today. The icing on the cake. Private jet bringing Taiwanese megastars like Lee Hom, Power Station and David Tao back to TPE after a private function the night before. Didn't get a glimpse of the megastars as I was taking the photos of 9M-VAA arrival above. May this be a fruitful year for everyone. Cheers!
  4. Well thanks MAVCOM for the 2 decisions in my favor for the airport tax claim recently. I sincerely hope that MoT's decision is right and really put the consumer interest in front. It is like I can't just go to IJN now, but have to take a number at HKL and wait for my turn to have my case "transfer" to IJN.
  5. Yes it's Tiger Reloaded featuring SQ as the new "parent". They started SIN - BKI around 9 - 10 years ago. 9V-TRB had the honour for the first flight which was also the airplane's first revenue flight. They were competing with Jetstar then but somehow seems like Jetstar timing and load was better eventhough TR was offering something like RM99 per way. Departure around midnight then. I like to think that SQ still have faith in this route as compared to CX/KA that had stopped entirely.
  6. Is M Jets somehow related to MBI group or M Express the courier service company?
  7. It's back to the WX station 1 and 2. At least now there is less interference at both sites.
  8. I never complaint about the toilets at KLIA2, except it's very windy. Brrrr....
  9. Wonder what happened to Expedia? Isn't Kiwi same as Expedia?
  10. Previously they were also flying 3 times daily - Tue, Thu and Sat.
  11. Take a step back and you can see that Sarawak (non-PH) state is always on the opposite end with PH decisions and policies. This has more to do with political pride than business sense. Always Nancy vs Guan Eng. Wait until the next state election and should PH control the state, we might just see some improvement in air connectivity for Sarawak and the whole of Borneo. Sharing some recent news from Sabah PAL will commence 3 x weekly flight from Zamboanga to BKI sometime in March with Q400, and they are planning to re-open the Semporna airstrip to cater for flight to Semporna. Sarawak is really left behind in terms of air connectivity and tourism.
  12. Now that's one "unforeseen circumstances" I wouldn't mind having regularly...
  13. End last year. We were covering the Malindo BKI - KCH event. Got distracted by Xiamen Skyteam.
  14. Is Lion ready to spend more money and time to reconfigure the frames? I thought they would immediately deploy them on revenue flights i.e. KUL - PER non-stop. Also interesting to note that while Air Asia group prefers to send their A330 to DMK and based them there, Lion group is doing just the opposite.
  15. Not too sure how it works but we have seen them adjusting to noon time flights. Jin Air is inbound as of now. ETA 1204.
  16. Take a step back and look at the bigger picture. PDRM won't open any file to investigate without a proper report right? So why should Mavcom? Anyone have zero experience in filing a police report? Road accidents maybe?
  17. Once AK move to T2, Raya and other GA may have to move to T1 instead.
  18. In KK getting to T1 and T2 isn't the same as getting to KLIA1 and KLIA2 from KUL. While T1 is accessible via a 4 lane highway both ways, there is only 1 way going in and out of T2 which is the same road accessing the Tanjung Aru beaches and resorts. This road is very jam during peak hours and on weekends. The other idea mooted by the government is to shift the airport to a location about an hours drive from the city. This would solve the congestion at KKIA now and unlikely to deter tourist arrival. Now this is HUGE project with potential to create plenty of opportunities - new roads, maybe even monorail etc. Have to keep in mind though that currently only AK is blaming the lack of space, but in the meantime the Korean carriers are mounting more and more flights to BKI. If TF is planning to buy the piece of land, well, the land may already be a part of a bigger and more controversial TAED project.
  19. "You jump I jump, strictly in that particular order"
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