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  1. Anyone caught plane that brought China Defense Minister to meets PM on Monday ? http://www.xinhuanet.com/english/2020-09/07/c_139349905.htm?fbclid=IwAR2n9oZmnzHr3sz0GzcxaZUXYZRVmTBjLnB-kDXm4kFhtN2z8J79ASf5kCY
  2. Any idea on what will happens to their MPL holder if they are retrenched from AAGB ? Any possible for them to join other airline in future?
  3. Too bad, seems their plan didnt go well. Any idea on reason of confiscate ?
  4. Li Ren

    BKI 2020

    According to news, it mentioned it was the 55th anniversary of a 90year old prominence person, i guess the performance fees for 5 wellknown superstar will be over 1m with namewee there too Source: https://www.sinchew.com.my/content/content_2191442.html?fb&fbclid=IwAR3GnphPryr0DiAEShlkOjFTkWg8G9X6BCsQQEzEy_18W_AgaAASbJ12ff0
  5. it seems to be that way from this view. not sure whose fault it will be between the pilot or the signalling ground crew
  6. shouldbe yesterday MYY incident where the engine pylon hits the aerobridge.
  7. Any idea on how much it cost ?
  8. Anyone can show us how the new 'observation deck' looks ?
  9. If i remember correctly,this is somewhere near 'Weather Station' during those good old times
  10. JT610 Cockpit Voice Recorder found. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-46860074
  11. Seems they have F-35 on board the carrier
  12. That's a good news, travelers do not have to transit Kunming before arriving Lijiang.
  13. Appears on Sinchew Daily cover page. Seems they didn't learn from the past mistake.
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