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  1. Simon, nice picture oh.... thanks for sharing...
  2. Wah, many of China inland airlines aircraft, how many airlines company that China have? Really nice photo for all the aircraft....thanks for sharing Uncle Norman..
  3. Wow, Simon & Louis, Melaka also have so rare aircraft landing?? Nice picture....
  4. Very nice TR...thanks uncle Norman sharing.... any more coming?
  5. WOW......very nice photo oh ....thanks KC for sharing....
  6. Samuel, you are welcome againts oh... Really great to meet all of them... here to thanks Chaity for the nice photo that taken for Etihad Aircraft.... Any more nice photo coming.....
  7. Wow Simon, nice photo oh, really good in sporting now oh....
  8. Kian Hong, very nice photo Good shotting. Like the Virgin Blue, the model will be arrive soon...can't wait it.
  9. Really agree with you, our Best KLIA short have take more security like Hong Kong & Singapore Airport, like Singapore Changi Airport even at mid night also have haevy security walk around the airport, because KLIA is main gate for others country people entry to our country. This case really made our "Best KLIA" getting malu. If still not to improve this matter sure this type of case will be happen againts. Now a day our country securities really is bad.
  10. Great picture Phil Any more coming?....
  11. Azuddin, your dream aircraft now became reality at KLM livery . So need to wait the model came out oh...
  12. Hi, here to share some BA aircraft crash photo form Airliner.net
  13. David

    A380 in KUL

    Thanks Norman, nice catch...nice photo...nice aircraft...
  14. Hear that SIA A380 will coming KLIA TnG? It is true? Any one has latest news? Thanks.
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