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  1. Here is an update of my FM status. Getting closer to the big 200 mark Done 8 flights MEL-SYD in the past month
  2. Nice Pics! Good to see MPS still look's new on the inside!
  3. 2 x Atlas Air (under QANTAS flt numbers) due out of SYD, to carry F1 cars & equipment to PVG. Not sure of day's but presume MON or TUE.
  4. Here's my latest stats updated with my 4 A380 flights included!
  5. VIRGIN Blue says it is working with Queensland Health in relation to fears passengers may have been exposed to potentially deadly bacteria in chicken wraps. The investigation is confined to a supply of chicken wraps the airline received from a manufacturer between May and June 2009, which may have contained a bacteria known as Listeria. A Virgin Blue spokeswoman said it is believed that other southeast Queensland companies were also provided with the chicken wraps from the manufacturer. She said the affected chicken wraps were supplied to customers on flights along the east coast of Australia, to New Zealand and Bali. "It appears the likely source of the contamination was an ingredient supplied to the manufacturers of the wraps and not Virgin Blue or other companies who received the affected products," she said. Virgin Blue removed the product from service at the end of June. http://www.news.com.au/travel/story/0,28318,25889148-5014090,00.html
  6. These sort of incedents happen all the time to airlines all over the world! You are only hearing about it because the media has it in for QF at the moment....
  7. Yes these two are Air Atlanta aicraft now.
  8. Yes it does make sense to get some 744's but the problem is $$$. In MASKARGO's case its cheaper to lease the 742F's from Air Atlanta then go out and get an old 744F, in which they will have to get maintanence & crews to fly them, where as its all pretty much done for them now by AA.
  9. The A380 was never planned to let the public on board, beacause it was only there for 1.2 the day. It flew out to LHR that night from SYD.
  10. Yep, Belive this is the 1st one that has been fitted out in Australia, but it still under testing carring the US reg.
  11. Here are some more from Tuesday & Thursday of the Airshow. Gabriel, if I knew you were there, I would have come and said hello. Maybe next time. Here are some aircraft you Malaysian & Singaporeans may be familiar with.
  12. Hi All, Here are some of my shots from the Australian International Airshow 2009, held at Avalon Airport. The show runs from 10-MAR to the 15MAR. The 10-13th are trade days. The gates open to the public from 12:00noon on the 13th right up till Sunday. These were taken on day one. I know there are plenty of Mwingers in MEL, so please post your pics to.
  13. Its just the name of the main international terminal. Not the name of the airport.
  14. Ive been using the BTS website for a few years now. Its absolutly fanstastic. So much details. All you need including rego's. I wish each country had its own like this.
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