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  1. Sad to see this thread has been quiet since 2020☹️ Anyone captured the Beluga?
  2. Drone photos of aircraft at KLIA spark outrage http://www.thestar.com.my/News/Nation/2015/03/03/Drone-pics-at-KLIA/
  3. Totally agreed with you! I think the family members and friends doesnt care who is responsible for what but to retrieve victims body and have them sent back to their homeland. Hope they rest in peace! And good luck to our rescue team out there.
  4. Just something to share....since i'm in China, so i op so some more "economic" way to do helicopter spotting without a DSLR. Got a runway view room in Harbour view hotel, ZhuHai China and will be here for quite some time, so i came out with this idea.... An extended lens from TaoBao which cost me about 180rmb Mounted on my S3 And here are some photos from the outcome. Pardon for the quality. These are the choppers ferrying us to offshore vessels and rigs around south china sea by china southern airlines. Thanks for viewing! Cheers!
  5. I think A380 for HKG is not suitable. Last month flew with her KUL - HKG , load was abt 40% or less. Too big aircraft for such a low load and short distance. Wonder the return load is able to cover it or the load is much better the other days? Anyway, thanks to that gave me a chance to fly with dugong for the first time. Noticed the noise when they operating the flaps.
  6. Recent ride with china southern from vessel to Zhuhai.
  7. Awesome photo! thanks for sharing! Just wonder what setting used to capture both inside and outside of the cockpit, day or night! Anyone?
  8. Just for sharing. Not sure if any1 have shared it already! Malaysia Airlines A380 performing in Farnborough Air show 2012!
  9. Thanks for sharing! Like this pict!
  10. Any Idea how to post video up here?
  11. Video of weststar chopper taking off from a tanker heading to kerteh airport. http://s247.photobuc...rrent=Movie.mp4
  12. Our ride to offshore platform near Kertih! Sry for the quality cuz didnt bring a DSLR with me to work.
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