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  1. Seems like LH will be further increasing its frequency to KUL for S15. The planned 6x weekly is now going 7x weekly.
  2. I thought the QF MEL now stays open longer now that QF 9 is retimed to 23:00 departure? Previously they closed right after QF 9 (around 16:30 or something). The problem with CX Lounges in HKG is that it's spread all over the terminal and each lounge have their own specialty items and the train is uni-directional. Comparing amenities in each lounge at their home base IMO: Food: QF >>>>>> CX > MH >>> BA I find QF lounge food to be really good, even in non-hubs like SIN/HKG/LAX. LAX is surprisingly good, especially when good lounge food are hard to come by in the US. CX Wing F is great for the made to order dishes but that can take a while. BA used to be really awful at its FCL at LHR, but it's gotten a bit better, but still not as good as MH. Showers: CX >>>> QF >>> BA >> MH Love the cabanas or even the regular showers at CX Wing F. QF F is decent too with great toiletries. BA looks like a sterilized-hospital shower and MH needs some housekeeping (haven't used the MH showers, but seen it plenty of times). Ambience/Deco: QF >> CX > MH > BA It's true that all lounges can get pretty busy, so the MH FCL is actually a great oasis because it's rarely crowded, but they also have a PA system that announces *all* flights which makes it annoying during peak departure banks. Like Suzanne said, if you are there after MH 4 departs and before the Aussie evening departures, you are one of the handful number of passengers in the lounge. The Jetson-themed QF SYD FCL lounge can't be beaten for architecture though. Service: MH > QF > CX >>>> BA I would say all 3 are at almost par but MH is a notch better because it's quiet and they have more staff to take care of you. BA is just every man for himself. But if I throw in LH FCT/FCL there, it wins all categories
  3. This article has *so many* inaccuracies. I think they meant twice daily from BKK to FRA and once daily from BKK to DUS (which hasn't opened for reservations yet). Asiana - yes, but only to BKI, and why they fail to mention any of the ME3 is shocking.
  4. I saw MH's code at LAX a few weeks ago and I was surprised that this was not announced anywhere. Flying via HKG is so much easier and better than via NRT which usually involves an overnight or lengthy layover.
  5. Is it me or does all these self-checkin kiosks look oddly placed? They are all at the Gateway (shopping center) and not in the terminal itself?
  6. I agree. Neat little airline. Just flew them for the first time today and I am impressed. Complimentary water and crackers, much better leg space than MH or AK, PTV (not that much into it anyway but it's nice to have), and most importantly, USB charger. Can't wait for wifi to come online!
  7. I tried to make a booking yesterday and it kept giving me an error - gave up and booked on Lion Air's website instead. Looks better and more updated than previous website! 😃
  8. Oneworld elite passengers (MH gold and above or MH Silver passengers who bought the Golden Lounge annual pass as well as oneworld sapphire and emerald members).
  9. I landed at 18:52 and it was already parked at the remote gate. Saw SQ 118 before I left - maybe they ferried crew in?
  10. I tried to go to the viewing gallery on Friday evening and was denied entry. Was told that I can only access the gallery if I wanted to go to the mosque. And yes SQ A380 is indeed in KUL today - saw it parked at a remote gate near C17. I'd imagine crew would have timed out by then and SQ 321 will be cancelled. Anybody know the reason for diversion? My friend in Singapore said the weather is almost perfect down there.
  11. I've been following this thread all these while and just want to chime in. I was in the forward part of the B738 cabin and I smelled cigarette smoke. I asked my seat mate and she agreed that it's smoke. I called the crew and told them about the smoke and they told me they didn't smell anything and a few minutes later, the cabin crew came around spraying WHO approved air disinfectant. Can someone smoke in the plane? Most likely not - but did someone? Absolutely. PS: I have absolutely no qualms about flying MH even after this incident. In fact, I am flying them this week to LHR.
  12. Guess BA will not return to CGK (via SIN at least) then!
  13. There are a total of 18 343s with 5 of the 343s with new F - all based in MUC (flew one December last year ). The rest of the 343s are based in FRA, some are 2-cabin with old C serving destinations like SHE, NKG etc. and some with with old F, old C and Y. I agree mid-2014 quite optimistic, they only have 2-3 ones with new C out now and they have another 10-11 more to go for FRA based 343.
  14. Nope. All 744s will be refurbished to have its F class removed so it will only be C and Y configuration in the future (which is a pity because the 744 beds are so comfy - much better than the 380 ). Flights to KIX/NRT (LH 740/741) are already sold as 2-cabin flights for flights after 29 March 2014. 343 with new C are expected to operate to destinations like DFW, PHL, DTW, ATL and SEA (still a Russian roulette until they complete the C refurbishment sometime mid 2014). I believe LH's medium/long term goal is to base all 744s (C/Y), 748s (F/C/Y), 380s (F/C/Y) at FRA while all 346s (F/C/Y) will be based in MUC. No idea about the 343s (believe they are going to be based in both FRA and MUC) and the 5 343s with retrofitted F will continue to have F class. 333s will be based in both FRA and MUC as well.
  15. According to this post, it seems like LH will be delaying its CGK tag-on until 01 June 2014 and at the same time, end its F service to KUL. Looks like KUL/CGK run will be served by a 2-cabin aircraft (B744 or A343?).
  16. I think you are asking if will you get miles if you fly a BA coded, AA metal flight on Enrich? I don't know about Enrich, but on AAdvantage, those flights are eligible. I believe OW's rules dictates that miles earned based on marketing carrier (as long as the operating carrier is a OW carrier) as opposed to *A whereby metal dictates mileage accrual (so a MH coded, SQ metal flight earn miles on a *A program). eg. If I fly KUL-LHR-JFK on AA code all the way with KUL-LHR on MH metal and LHR-JFK on BA metal, I am still eligible for miles because both flights are operated by OW carriers and I will earn miles as if I am flying AA (I will get 100% miles even though I am ticketed in Q booking class on AA even though Q earns 0% on MH). However, I do believe there is a problem with MH crediting code-share flight. I flown NRT-SAN a few times (MH code, JL metal) and MH refused to credit my miles even though it's eligible. Thankfully an AAngel helped me post the miles manually
  17. IMO, why MH is losing out to others: - 4 weekly frequencies instead of daily compared to others - Inferior products (both premium and back of the bus). MH probably has the worst business product compared to others that fly NRT-LAX. - Odd timing (not much connection left at LAX and oddly enough, MH's preferred interline partner at LAX is UA, not AA). Arrival into KUL at 04:00-05:00 is ungodly. Too long for another connection or too early to check-in to hotels in the city. MH air fares are competitive (usually one of the lowest) and it's reflected on yields.
  18. Things look bleak as of now. MH has already zeroed out NRT-LAX but KUL-NRT remained open (oddly enough, they zeroed out KUL-NRT on MH 92/93 business cabin except for J booking class). That's usually an indication that they are going to pull the flight. If they are planning to terminate KUL-NRT-LAX, at least make the KUL-NRT departure earlier by 3 hours so it'll connect to JL's US departure bank (and a return around 17:00-18:00 will nicely connect from JL's arrivals bank).
  19. I think this is more of a "we will code-share with BA" (MH already code-share with AA LHR-JFK) where passengers will fly KUL-LHR on MH A380 continuing onwards to JFK/EWR on BA 777/747 (maybe 380 in the future?). I really don't see MH sending its 380 to NYC - the 380 will probably sit in JFK for a good 10-14 hours before flying back to LHR/KUL - a waste of precious aircraft. Same goes for YVR - from MH PR "MH Flies to YVR by Code-Sharing with JL" - that's a huge spin! And it seems like MH is adding a fourth daily flight to Phuket and a sixth daily flight to Bangkok for NS 2014. New Phuket flight: MH 794 KUL 1305 - 1320 HKT D 738 MH 795 HKT 1405 - 1635 KUL D 738 New Bangkok flight: MH 776 KUL 1850 - 2000 BKK D 738 MH 779 BKK 2050 - 2359 KUL D 738 The new MH 776/779 operates approximately one hour later than current MH 780/781.
  20. How about attracting carriers closer to home - Asiana or ANA? ANA is going to fly twice a day to CGK and KUL is not even in their radar (at least not publicly)! Malaysia was did not even receive new HND daytime slots - Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam and the Philippines all received a pair of daytime slot!
  21. IIRC, most international arrivals at Concourse B are moon buggied into the main terminal if DC is your final destination and maybe to C/D too if you have a connection on UA.
  22. Lufthansa did not recently re-introduced flights to KUL - they will re-introduce nonstop flights to KUL. They have been flying to KUL for almost the past 10 years. And the GM targets 100% LF?! I want to fly LH - chances of VDB/IDB is going to be really high! EU has some really nice comp. for VDB/IDB.
  23. Thank you! I've been to the NZ lounge before and loved it! BTW, the CX/MH lounge is not the only choice for MH passengers. You can use the QF lounge if you are not flying the red-eye out of MEL (MH 128).
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