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  1. Thanks for replying everyone. I didn't expect to get so many great answers. I'm pretty sure I can check in online with all my sectors except the final SIN - KUL on MH. So no worries on that part, just a bit nervous transiting for the first time. We did look into that. It would have been nice to have a long layover at IST but TK was one of the more expensive options. LH was the cheapest at the time of booking.
  2. Well I guess that answers my questions. Thanks for the swift answers everyone. Hopefully everything will go smooth, cant wait to get on the LH A380
  3. Thank you very much Suzanne. Your post has answered most of my questions but I have a few more. 1)The 55 min connection time is at FRA not SIN. Is it enough time to get off my plane from TLS and on to the LH 778 flight to SIN? 2) If I need to re check in my bags at FRA. Do I need to get a transit visa?
  4. Thanks for the fast reply! Ok sounds simple enough but since my first sector is on SQ, do I check in at the SQ counters or LH counters? Yes, I've read somewhere that people said the best thing to do was to just follow the signs at FRA. So I dont have to pick up my bags and check back in? After immigration im back in the departure gates? Finally, the 55 min transfer is at FRA to catch my FRA - SIN flight and not at Changi. Ill arrive from TLS at FRA with only 55 mins to catch the next flight. I feel like im cutting it too close.
  5. Hi guys, I will be flying to Toulouse to send my sister off for her studies at the end of this month. We've chosen Lufthansa to get there but since this is my first time flying to Europe and having connecting flights, I have some questions that really need answers. 1) How does transfer at SIN work? 2) Is Frankfurt a difficult airport to transit? 3) Is my flight from TLS - FRA considered as a domestic flight or international flight? 4) My connection to catch my flight back to Singapore is only 55 mins. Is this sufficient time? This is my routing. KUL-SIN-FRA-TLS-FRA-SIN-KUL The short Singapore hop will be served by SQ for departure and MH on return while LH will handle all the euro flights. Sorry if this a bit long as the furthest I've travelled is Japan so this is all a bit new for me. Hope to hear from you guys soon. Thank you
  6. It's more than just fuel they would have to worry for when you add a new type to the fleet. You have to train the pilots how the fly the plane, it will cost quite a lot to send their pilots for simulator training. Next, maintenance costs will also increase as MAS Engineering will have no experience of this type nor do they have the facilities. So they have to pay more money to send engineers and tehcninicians for training and purchase the necessary equipment to operate and fix the plane when their scheduled checks arrive and isn't SZB turboprop ops only? That fact alone makes the ERJ or CRJ not viable for MAS as it would mean they have to move to KLIA to operate these planes. IMO, MAS made a wise choice. They've already operated the type and have recently trained many LAE's for this aircraft, so the experience and knowledge is there. It's just not that easy to just purchase a new type of aircraft. Just because you can squeeze in an extra flight or two doesn't mean you can recoup the money lost just as fast too.
  7. Article was just updated. MAS buying 36 new turboprop plans worth RM3bil from French-Italian aircraft maker (Update) By BK Sidhu KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia Airlines (MAS) is expanding its fleet of turboprop aircraft with the purchase of 36 new ATR 72-600 aircraft worth RM3bil. MAS and ATR, the French-Italian aircraft manufacturer inked an MoU on Tuesday for the purchase of the planes. Of the 36 ordered, Firefly will take on 20 new aircraft whilst 16 will be inducted into the fleet of its sister company MASwings. Source:http://biz.thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2012/12/18/business/20121218105821&sec=business
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