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  1. I'm just curious... Does it have a Permit to Fly or CofA granted by DCA before the flight?
  2. Agree on that, but, someone has to get things organized professionally. Someone has to be responsible. Don't expect the passengers to hold responsibility - bcoz they're customers! The checkin crew MUST be responsible as a mediator btwn passengers and airline. When the airline has some technical problem, it is their responsible to update the passengers with the latest status. Not just keeping silent and hoping passengers to be patient. At least by giving some updates, it wouldn't disappoint the customers as much as just keeping quiet. p/s: iggy, I hope i don't get into trouble by making these statements!
  3. MAS was used to be known as MALAYSIAN AIRLINES SYSTEM. Then, in 1987 it was changed to just MALAYSIA AIRLINES. Why do you think they removed the word SYSTEM? correct, bcoz - MANA ADA SISTEM? (WHERE GOT SYSTEM?)
  4. Repaint job done in KUL hangar 6. Its at the left corner (view from Rwy 32L) of the new MAS hangar. Azuddin, cannot lar... i would have done it earlier too... Paint removal was carried out on board the whole fuselage. Its paint removal...how to wallap removed paint?! All exterior fuselage components were re-used back, and each were undergoing paint removal, so its pretty impossible to take things out... unless wallap the ENGINES laa...!!! :rofl: Sad sight! Paint removal was done VERY FAST! 1 day only...all stripped! Sad it couldn't make it for third MW anniversary....
  5. There won't be anymore... :( :cray: Here's for all MW members!! sayonara...!!! in memorial...
  6. Couldn't make it for the spotting, but i managed to join for the makan!!! 3 years old!!! Posing!!! Yummy! yummy! (looks like the cause of my accident in kuching!) And the MW video...
  7. to hunt for it, try spot check any arena from kuching!
  8. Khaled, u talking from experience??? j/k!
  9. iggy, give chance for others to wallap some blood frm u! i've slept in changi before, and its SOOOOooooo freaking COLD!!!!!! Perhaps i'm not used to cold, truly, its cold & dry, easily 10 celcuis. Powerful aircond! klia - quiet & temperature just nice but, juz afraid of getting shot while sleeping. i don't wanna find myself slept alive and woke up dead!
  10. Shocking indeed! I was in klia that evening, but i left the scene an hour earlier. If it hadn't been for the 6.50pm bus, i would have heard the gun shots too!!!
  11. Never expected such thing... I was enjoying my first working day in KLIA today, and i was on my way from MTB to Satellite, around 8 or 9 something in the morning, and this old looking Biman Bangladesh DC-10 was parked at bay Charlie 4, next to a classic Uzbekistan Airways A310 at bay Charlie 6. I was shocked to hear the news...while i was at MAS hangar 5 doing some tedious wiring job!!!
  12. Capt Nik, am I not too late for contribution? Next sunday, i should be able to attend. Will be an interesting stuff while doing some charity work! See you all there!!! BTW, i need to know the exact location. Which part in Kota Damansara??? Google earth coordinates would be very helpful...
  13. There should be an explosive decomp. Scary tho...but glad it landed safely...
  14. Yeah, radzi, well said up there! True enough... My fren once worked on the "given back" turboprop bird, he said the condition was worse than horrible. Just one short simple discription - my fren was attempting to remove a bolt from a hole. Unlike normal circumstances, spraying Lusol to lubricant the hole was not helpful at all. Since it was hard to turn the speed handle, he was assisted by another fren. TWO boys - attempt to remove ONE rusted bolt which was stuck inside a rusted hole. Finally, the speed handle turn, a comfortable indication that the bolt is loosening out. But the turn was light, so light that they both didn't apply much force to turn the bolt. The "comfort" didn't last long... Their hard tiring effort can only be "rewarded" when they realized the bolt head had sheared off from the shank. Now, they got the bolt head out, but most of the bolt is still stuck, embedded inside the rusted threaded hole! That was how bad the bird was...
  15. This is suicide, bro! Digging own grave!
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