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  1. I saw JA02JJ night stay at HAN before going to JP. Sadly I forgot the cameras...
  2. One day, 2 VVIP here at Hanoi - Noi Bai capital airport Tu154M - Belarus AF And E135ER Thai Military
  3. Some shots I took at night, during quite time at Noi Bai AF Cargo - B74F F-GIUA An VVIP charter for Israel's President on officially visit Hanoi LY B762ER 4X-EAF Another winter day, clear visibility. A Smiling CI Cargo B74F B-18706 QR B77W being pushed to remote parking after disembarkation A7-BAG AE E190 started services connecting RMQ and HAN earlier this month B-16829 And 2 new planes in one shot, QV A320 and ZA A320
  4. Great shot Tuan Khiem look like the 747 a little nose dive on approach maybe the plane was a little high You're right, she was a little bit high for ILS, it's caused for a long flare. After minutes, Vietnam Airlines B777 (VN-A143) rotated 11L
  5. Some shots after typhoon Nesat. A332 - Aeroflot VQ-BBE B74F - Eva Cargo B-16406 Korean Air landing 11L, while a B772 - VNA holding short of.
  6. Some helicopter shots at VVNB, doing medical escort mission (Ops by Military). Viet Nam Helicopter (VNH) Eurocopter 155B 1/ 2/ 3/
  7. They were out of service years before, due to lack of replace instruments and aged... VNAF retired those Mi24, and renew Huey for special roles like flying hospital, SAR, patrols... And approximately hundred left in SGN after 1975, still in good condition if changed the engines. The U.S. Government has signed a agreement releasing non lethal weapons for Vietnam military recently.
  8. I've been in this hotel once in 2008, between transitting flight to Chiang Mai via Bangkok. All night I stayed out due to traffic passed by. By the way, it's good location and qiute easy to find online hotel book, or can request chauffeur to receive you upon arrival BKK. Keep your shot going Mr. Kane
  9. Some pictures I took on a sunny day at HAN. 1/ Fokker 70 vacating the runway 2/ Fedex A310 being towed to the ops parking 3/ Qatar B77W taxiing passby a Cessna 208 4/ Private Cessna C208
  10. Unlike me uncle Pieter, never seen a Victor regs at VVNB... only Romeo then Hotel/ Golf/ India... poor me I'll take you to this location, if you're not aware of sun burn... especially beautiful in the afternoon, when the sun is setting down.
  11. Thanks for your info, I was wondered where she's gone after returned flight to SIN months ago.
  12. Splendid photos from HKG, good work.
  13. Exceed bandwidth agian... Reupload USAF C17A Mig21Bis VNAF
  14. Vietnam Air Force Mig-21bis Anad US Air Force C17A 06-6166 vs. Mig21bis
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