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  1. PanPac is my fav for comfort.... And while not best for photography, there are some possibilities... http://www.airliners.net/photo/Malaysia-Airlines/Boeing-777-2H6-ER/1379990/L/&sid=3d7dc1de80455bdb43ca4034ea24ab0f Cheers
  2. Nice shots, BTW April 23rd is when Space Shuttle lands @ KJFK and will be 'barged' in coming months to final place. Once Shuttle is there, the prices are likely to go up, so do visit Concorde now if possible.
  3. +1 Good to see some Kwek photos. Yes, Azahan hear they are not doing so well and may not see 2013! It would be shame, cuz I flew Bombay-Bangalore one and only time with them and was one of my better domestic flight.
  4. Heres couple from my collection... And some older ones... Cheers
  5. Awesome coverage, like being there!! Thanks KC, Kianhong for great shots, and KS Ong for the videos!
  6. Hi Greg, 908, however try to get 906 or 806 and you get the push back shots also.
  7. No worries, there is always next time, as I always take opportunity to stop by in SE Asia whenever I get the chance. I would have loved to spot KL for a day except not enough time and also spotting not like it was before..... however thats more so reason for Penang right :-)
  8. Hi, Some great shots on the thread ... here is my contribution.... Landed at 5am on CX845 and my connection was not till 20:00. Plan was to hit the famous Sha Lo Wan island off 07R for some morning spotting....tons of cargo action in just 2 hours! I could have not done this without Ed & Sneeze's help. Thanks!! Posting a bit different view ... cones are still blue !! Fantastic colors.. Hits kept on coming... Baby B... LAX is now TRIPLE heaven, however HKG is still JUMBO heaven.. regular CX shot with jumbos sprinkled around Was hoping to fly this one ... WOW I could have spent whole night taking pics, except had to catch my 20:00 connection to WSSS, so got just couple of resident shots on my way to the gate... One of my fav Cathay machine to capture..... Cheers Raj Pleasant Valley, US
  9. Hi Happy New Year... had fun visiting lovely WSSS... This spotting is a tiring hobby.... :-) Had some rains in 3 days but then again when sun shines... its awesome! I would never get tired visiting here. Cheers, Raj
  10. Some nice photos on the thread. And Cornelis, you are all over man. Good shots indeed. Heres few from past months.... This was a family vaca to Vegas, but found some spotting time (& a new spot) This was our LAS-TPA flight Revisited LAX after almost 2 years... Farwell Conti... And... stumbled upon her in the desert (AI's A310, VT-EVU, "GODAVRI") Cheers, Raj C
  11. Sorry Pieter, last min changes on the trip, visited Dad in India and got few spotting days on way back! Next European stop will be EHAM (one of my fav field) Few more.... Saturday is Egyptian charter day! And the mainline... Few others... Cheers, Raj
  12. Norman, it works very well. When the police or ADP authorities come to check they have a list of official permits and will verify your name. Signs are posted all over on how its against the law to take photos and includes heavy Euro fines too! At all spots if you have ladder you can put next to fence and take photos. Responsible spotting rule applies but it was like being on ramp at each spot. All spots are within 50mm for 737!
  13. Hi, Made a pit stop spotting break at CDG on my recent visit to India. I was blessed with some great springtime weather. BTW, photography is prohibited at Paris airports and require permission from local law authorities. You will be checked out when spotting. Please make sure to contact Kerozen.org (excellent group) for the proper procedures. First sighting for me, and I like them looks of SA on 757.... With Air France head quarters in the back... Shot at first good light of the day... tons of contrails Kuwaiti 300 heading for the south rwy departure, BA's 76 are regular visitor to CDG No need to wait for UN week... Jet2... looked more like Shamu from far OZ and KE always arrived at 17:30 back to back Another great color scheme Was not aware of this one... Finally caught AZ heading out of the gates to south runway, To be continued... Raj
  14. Great coverage guys... Keep 'em coming. Sorry could not be there this year but these pics feels like being there. BTW anyone took a group shot? and enjoy the great show & wx. Raj
  15. Great variety from Raymond. Cheers, Raj C
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