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  1. From my limited understanding, manufacturers only get paid when they take deliveries of the planes. AFAIK, the cost of the 737 Max currently being completed and stored is on Boeing themselves. Boeing need to keep producing them as it is not easy to just totally stop production and to start it up again. There's supply chains, workers, tooling etc to be considered. This is only my understanding so someone with better insights is more than welcomed to correct me or add to this.
  2. First to come to top of mind would be the Air NZ model where their Y runs like LCC, but Y+ and J runs closer to full fledged airlines.
  3. They really should at least use the A332, if not the A333 for PER..
  4. Noted, gotcha. Thanks for correcting my misunderstanding.
  5. Hmm? They're actually checking/scanning bags now after the baggage claim area? To be fair, they never really were consistent for quite some time now, so they need to fine tune (or overhaul) their process if they want to start checking properly.
  6. Yeah.. I got stopped for a bag check recently because of some muesli breakfast bars. Didn't realised snacks/food are now flagged.
  7. Recent photos of the 9M-NAA I curiously looked for reference if anyone's interested: https://flyteam.jp/photo/2549200 https://flyteam.jp/photo/2549197 https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/8975042
  8. Your thoughts of another terminal at the Long Term Car Park was in the original KLIA master plan, which, seems to have changed many times over the years.
  9. You know what? Maybe he meant "Sardine Can" which would make better sense as to what Azri M. just mentioned.
  10. I hope that they will update the interiors for 1 or 2 of their A380 and use for the LHR/NRT runs over peak seasons. Flew on the A350, liked the big bins, but in terms of noise level, the A380 is on another totally higher level (being quieter).
  11. And that is why you either use the latest GoPro 6 or a Sony Action Camera which has fantastic image stabilization technology.
  12. While this article is about the A380s, what is being mentioned there is the same explanation I received from the Customer Service Representative when asked about the shifting of my seats from row 1 (First class) to the other rows on the A350's booking during the regional trials.
  13. If PER is MH Australia's stepchild, how about BNE?
  14. I wonder if they're going to configure the planes with 3 class as well to Auckland.
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