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  1. Wow, Walter, nice shots of the Qatar...! No mum mum shots from your spotting ah?
  2. Nice shots Walter.... getting better n bettter n betttterr.. .
  3. those are lovely shots Razmyn. Thanks for sharing them.
  4. oh my...... what if he hooked the guy...???
  5. Nice shots Raymond, hope you enjoyed your first time....
  6. Kelvin B

    Odd shots

    Not really odd I guess, but I found this one different.... Not sure if they are allowed to do this, so blurred his face...
  7. Kianhong, Just saw your photos... they are great. thanks for sharing..! Especially love the night shots. Reminds me of my time in South Australia, the sky and stars were like nowhere else I had seen....
  8. Samuel and Chan, Lovely shots there...!! Thanks ya..!
  9. Thanks Simon.... Iggy, my models ran out of place to display, so all hiding in my cupboard..!
  10. Kelvin Boon Born 1970 Working in technical support, for a German printing machine manufacturer. Live in Puchong Camera is a Canon Powershot S2-IS, with 42268 shots and counting.... hmmm or is it 52268... not so sure now...
  11. Nothing to do during Thaipusam, so went to the airport... My contribution of KA. Sneaking over the trees. Wanted so much to catch the plane initialed after my name.... but got KA instead. Anyway, it made me happy that day... :-)
  12. Nice Shots of the Russian, Liam. Thanks for sharing. Has a short trip to Perth last year, it is really a lovely place, the whole south west of WA is just great..!
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