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  1. waiping, itried the website and now i'm downloading try again
  2. Simple cool..Cant wait to see AK to beat SQ in terms of profitability. It shows how great AK is!
  3. http://www.airliners.net/open.file/1239550/M/ another one ..
  4. Good luck Sneeze. Waiting for good news here
  5. Thought they have few Gs' turn outside the area.. Felt relieved as it was over and had landed safely
  6. Actually do they? I mean for those who are from Penang, working with AK.. Can they choose to operate into PEN as the last duty every night?
  7. Happy 2nd Anniversary for MalaysianWings yea ..Cheers guys!
  8. I thought Uncle Pieter workes as F50 fleet planner for KLM last time?
  9. There was a blind landing for last time too right? Or is it the same case?
  10. Friend..some nice shots yea Dont worry about the qualityi
  11. Now they have new generation of Sukhoi right? Heard that it's using the technology of fifth generation..
  12. Take the Arabic course in Emirates Aviation Coellge
  13. Yes they have 777 F Emirates’ recent US$9.7 billion order was the largest ever for the Boeing 777 family of aircraft and consists of 24 B777-300ERs, 10 B777-200LR Worldliners and eight B777 freighters
  14. Yeah Walter..Im just going to quote it from MH's site into this post..but now I saw that it is here already
  15. MH is still serving this route, isn't it?
  16. Nice to see the you guys in the photo there..Do keep us update yea..Fly safe yeah
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