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  1. A busy Saturday morning at TWU
  2. A rather surprising visitor today - a TH B762 freighter landed at TWU before the end of 2022. It's been awhile since the last wide body jet MH A333 arrived at TWU. Photos credit to FB:Lensa Aviasi Tawau
  3. Some plane spotting photos at TWU a week ago - A330 at Gate 1, while Gate 2 was occupied by another MH's baby Boeing MH B738 push back ready for departure. The push back truck for Wide body. Looks like a 70s product, very old school lol not sure where Aero Darat got it from. 9M-POS Some CNY traffic arriving and leaving TWU
  4. That is so true! That has also brought in some rare traffic into TWU which you probably thought impossible in the past, such as this - Harimau Malaya A330! Photo Credit: Lensa Aviasi Tawau
  5. The schedule has been updated until mid of april, still plenty of opportunity to catch her at TWU😊
  6. More plane spotting photos at the inaugural flight event, photos credit: Lensa Aviasi Tawau
  7. Thanks for the info, Jahur.😀 It is quite a surprise and rare occasion that MAB allowed wide body aircraft operations in TWU as this tiny airport doesn't really support and operate wide body movement. I guess they have pushed it really hard to make it happen and a dream comes true for the spotters like us in Tawau. Anyway, here is a photo captured by my friend Lensa Aviasi Tawau, enjoy!
  8. Probably the most exciting news today for avgeeks in Tawau, TWU just welcomed the first ever wide body aircraft A333 at the apron today, operated as MasKargo P2C flight KUL-> KCH-> TWU-> HKG. https://www.theborneopost.com/2021/03/20/maskargo-launches-inaugural-tawau-hong-kong-flight/ 採用超大型A330-300空巴 湖港直飛貨運航線開跑 (for those who can read mandarin) Photo Credit: The Borneo Post. Aircraft registration number: 9M-MTA (not Harimau Malaya, unfortunately). More photos to follow.😁
  9. Still exists, 3x weekly. 😊
  10. Not too sure, some said it was a chartered flight during CNY, but the TWU airport manager told the local chinese paper that the equipment was upgraded to cater the surge of the passengers flying into TWU.
  11. Happy Chinese New Year! RB has been sending down their brand new A320neo instead of the usual ATR72 for the BWN-TWU route
  12. Flying 6x weekly to SDK from 28 October and TWU from 11 November. https://www.flyroyalbrunei.com/malaysia/en/royal-brunei-airlines-expands-services-to-sandakan-and-tawau-with-rb-link/
  13. Seems like AK is suspending KCH-TWU end October as both way are not bookable October onward. Not able to survive even a year
  14. Impressive growth for TWU, TWU is now operating beyond its capacity. Not sure what is the airport expansion plan for the next few years.
  15. Was flying in and out KUL-SIN in the past few weeks with SQ118 onboard their new A350. A very nice product I would say (they even decorated the cabin for Christmas) But too bad the flight was too short lol
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