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  1. Still exists, 3x weekly. 😊
  2. Not too sure, some said it was a chartered flight during CNY, but the TWU airport manager told the local chinese paper that the equipment was upgraded to cater the surge of the passengers flying into TWU.
  3. Happy Chinese New Year! RB has been sending down their brand new A320neo instead of the usual ATR72 for the BWN-TWU route
  4. Flying 6x weekly to SDK from 28 October and TWU from 11 November. https://www.flyroyalbrunei.com/malaysia/en/royal-brunei-airlines-expands-services-to-sandakan-and-tawau-with-rb-link/
  5. Seems like AK is suspending KCH-TWU end October as both way are not bookable October onward. Not able to survive even a year
  6. Impressive growth for TWU, TWU is now operating beyond its capacity. Not sure what is the airport expansion plan for the next few years.
  7. Was flying in and out KUL-SIN in the past few weeks with SQ118 onboard their new A350. A very nice product I would say (they even decorated the cabin for Christmas) But too bad the flight was too short lol
  8. US Navy P-8 Poseidon is in Tawau today. On the other hand, for some reason the Maswings ATR72 has been grounded for a week.
  9. Was in Tawau last week for GE14. Here are the traffic on that day- Three MHs 738 at the same time. AK A320 was on final in the background. Two Maswings on the taxiway ready for departure. Inside the terminal
  10. AK usually doesn't utilize the aerobridges in TWU except in some rare conditions eg. heavy downpour, not sure if this is still true. Maybe it is due to cost. Not sure though, I was tracking on flightradar and noticed that there was an AK flight bound for BKI had been delayed for more than 6 hours, from scheduled departure 17.30 , to actual departure time 00.30.
  11. Was arriving at TWU yesterday evening. To my surprise the traffic was extremely busy with aircraft struggling with parking bay. Here are some photos of the traffic movement yesterday. Enjoy! We were waiting at taxiway for parking bay. Cleared to disembark in front of Gate 2. Arrival of the RMAF A400M after 5 mins. Another AK pushed back for departure (and to give way to another AK which was waiting at taxiway). A320 and A400M, we are happy Airbus family No more parking bay with the arrival of Maswings ATR72. SabahAir and a Bombardier are on the left. TWU needs some serious upgrades especially during peak hours as it can be extremely crowded with this tiny, small size airport.
  12. Some ordinary traffic at TWU. But still, it is busy as usual for such a small airport. Photo credit to my friend.
  13. Great Shot! Spotted an interesting bird while on the way to the airport during CNY. B744!
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