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  1. hi guys, seen a picture on jetphotos.net of the static at the airshow. Not very impressed, just a few biz jets, the usual USAF/USN aircraft and the A380. I hope that for the public days they put some RSAF aircraft on the static. That's how TUDM spiced up LIMA2007, which was a great success for me! Asian Aerospace 2006 was crap, so hope this weekend will show some improvement. Otherwise they can make a phone call to TUDM and ask them to fly in some Mig's and Hornets. That display was AWESOME at LIMA!!!!
  2. hi Guys, interesting discussion. as a foreigner, i see TUDM as a very fragmented force, with lots of different aircraft types and small numbers of each type. This I find a bit strange, as buying and maintaining a small selection of aircraft is of course much cheaper. I think phasing out the F-18D and MIG29 and replace it with more SU-30's or the F-18F would be a good choice. Two tier fighter selection works fine and is much cheaper to run. Anyway, as a spotter, the variety is fantastic in Malaysia so i'd much rather have it that way take care, Hans.
  3. Hi Guys, could someone please please give me the following serials: - The Super Lynx that was on the static. - The Red Arrows Also, did anybody get the serials of the formation of Hawks that did the flyby on the Saturday? terimah kasih! Hans.
  4. hi guys, can someone help me with these missing serials: The F-111 that was on the static. The Super Lynx that was on the static. The Red Arrows The Indian IL that was present on Sunday... Am missing one Kiran as well... by the way, did you guys notice there were two different F-111's doing the morning and afternoon display on Saturday? A8-138 (morning) and A8-140 (afternoon). This is my list, if any additions, please reply FLYBY F-111C A8-138 1 Sqn (morning) A8-140 1 Sqn (afternoon) STATIC MB-339AM M34-03 15 Skn S-61A M23-04 3 Skn SU-30MKM M52-02 11 Skn M52-04 11 Skn M52-05 11 Skn PC-7 M50-01 3 FTC M50-19 3 FTC A-4Ptm M32-29 pres Hawk M40-26 6 Skn C-130 M30-11 20 Skn M30-12 20 Skn M30-15 20 Skn A-109 M??-11 881 Skn RF-5E M29-20 12 Skn CN-235 M44-04 21 Skn CE-208 9M-PSN Polis 9M-PSO Polis Super Lynx M501-? (Navy) AS-555 M502-1 502 Skn (Navy) AS365 M70-02 APMM A-109E 9M-BOB Bomba MI-17 M994-04 Bomba M994-02 Bomba IL-62M RA-86570 Russian Ministry EC-725AP 2555/SF EH01.067 C-130 95-6710 130 AS (WV ANG) C-130J A97-440 37 Sqn AP-3C A9-751 11 Sqn F-111 A8-??? FLIGHTLINE Mig-29N M43-06 19 Skn M43-09 19 Skn M43-13 19 Skn M43-18 19 Skn F-18D M45-01 18 Skn M45-03 18 Skn M45-04 18 Skn M45-05 18 Skn M45-07 18 Skn M45-08 18 Skn B-737 M53-01 2 Skn Kiran U-2472,U-2484, U-2460 U-2491, U-2492, U-2470, U-2481, U-2471 (Suryakiran) Red Arrows XX-253, XX-242 (others unknown) INSIDE AS355 9M-PHF Polis A-109 M??-09 991 Skn UAV MX-05 And of course a big TERIMAH KASIH to the Malaysian Air Force for a very very entertaining event... Can we do this every year?!?! Take care, Hans.
  5. Guess some of you have already visited LIMA. Can anyone post some pictures or a list of aircraft present? Then i wont be able to sleep for the next 3 nights. Haha
  6. hi Norman, thanks for your message. Guess i'll catch the Arrows in Langkawi. Already booked my ticket in March, and my hotel in April. And by that time it was already almost full! Tak boleh!
  7. hi Norman, thanks for your quick reply. Guess i must be mistaken. Thought it was November this year . Anyway, guess it's just LIMA this year then. Hope they'll update the website soon, cos all these demo teams wont come of course. Would be nice if the organisation can come clean and let us know what will be there. Bet you its good even without the teams. thanks for your quick reply, guess gotta wait until 2008 for the next Carnival Take care, Hans.
  8. hi Guys, sorry, read bits and pieces about the Air Carnival and just have a few short questions: 1) what's the exact date and opening time? 2) what kind of military participation is expected and will they fly demos? Quite enthusiastic about this, cos sincerely think there's not a lot of airshows in this part of the world. Saw some pictures on the net from a previous carnival and it looks good. If anyone of you have more info, please drop me a line. Thanks a lot! Hans.
  9. Used your guide this weekend to go spotting at Subang. Thanks for the very clear guide, too bad it started raining after a while and didnt stop. But will be back there soon for a second attempt. Just missed the F28 and C130 taking off but got a shot of the Berjaya Dash. Nice quiet spot too at that road! Thanks! Hans.
  10. any of you know how much are the tickets and if you can buy tickets in advance so you dont have to queue?
  11. can recall reading an article bout the SU-30MKI (the Indian one). They apparently had exercises with the F-16's of the RSAF and the USAF and rumour goes that the SU-30 kicked ass... Seems to win every single dogfight. So think it is a very potent fighter. It's so much larger than an F-16, but with its canards and vectored thrust, it's a really exciting jet.
  12. 4 out of 5 times when i try to book something on the Mh website, either the booking engine doesnt work, or they say there are no flights on this route. Quite funny, cos i'm quite confident they DO fly from SIN to KL . Then again, it's still not as bad as the SQ website, who are down even more often due to "high traffic".
  13. I think it's cool stuff Malaysia! good choice! You've now got the most competent fighter of all ASEAN countries.
  14. have checked most aerobatic teams' official websites, but none of them will be there... Anyway, the TUDM Su-30 will be my highlight. Already booked my hotel and flight. And it's only May, is Langkawi seriously the best location for suh an event? Wont Subang be much more convenient? Anyway, i am booked, so just gonna wait to see those Sukhoi beauties Hope the TUDM will bring in lots of planes to brighten up the event a little bit. Most countries have already decided on their future fighters (SIN/MSIA/AUS) so dont expect too much action on that end. Anyway, quite a lack of airshows in ASEAN, so definately will enjoy this one.
  15. hi Guys, Looks like TUDM is taking delivery of the first two SU-30's today! From Msia's national news agency: qte Malaysia takes Delivery Of new SU-30MKM Fighters Malaysian National News Agency ^ | May 23, 2007 | Mohd Haikal Mohd Isa Posted on 05/23/2007 6:04:42 AM PDT by sukhoi-30mki RMAF Takes Delivery Of Sukhoi SU-30MKM Fighter Aircraft From Mohd Haikal Mohd Isa IRKUTSK (Russia), May 23 (Bernama) -- After a four-year wait, the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) will take delivery of two Sukhoi SU-30MKM multi-role fighter aircraft Thursday. They will be the first two of 18 aircraft ordered by Malaysia in May 2003, being the most sophisticated aircraft of its kind in Southeast Asia. Chief of Air Force Jen Datuk Seri Azizan Ariffin and Defence Ministry Secretary-General Tan Sri Ahmad Latffi Hashim will receive the aircraft on behalf of the Malaysian government at the Irkut Aircraft Corporation manufacturing plant here. Malaysia and the Russian government agency, Rosoboronexport, signed a US$900 million (RM3.4 billion) contract for 18 Sukhoi Su-30MKM (Modernizirovannyi Kommercheskiy Malaysia or Modernised Commercial Malaysia) aircraft. In return for the purchase, Russia agreed to train and send a Malaysian astronaut to the International Space Station (ISS). The 16 other Su-30MKM aircraft will be delivered to Malaysia in stages up to the middle of next year. unqte SUPER!!!
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