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  1. Extremely hot shots! Also the first time I see Fuji-San taken from that angle.
  2. LeeCH If only I have a big house....then it would be nice to install an A320 cokpit potong.
  3. Pieter Indeed there are amphibians where rectractable wheels are attached to the pontoons. These are extended in the water before the aircraft is driven up onto land and retracted before it lands on water.. I think one of them is the FS9 Default Cessna Caravan Amphibian. There are also amphibians (boat hull bottomed) where the retractable landing gear are attached to the hull and when extended raise the hull well clear of the ground (e.g. Grumman Albatross and PBY Catalina). P.S. Sorry, just read Norman's post.
  4. Tze Shan Ask Sherman if that's what he means.
  5. How do you takeoff from a runway when you only have floats under you? I thought they would have designed a free-wheeling dolly on which the aircraft sits and rolls down the runway.Then when Vr is reached the aircraft lifts off and leaves the dolly behind. But this is not the case: http://www.avweb.com/newspics/seaplanetrucklaunch.wmv
  6. Beautiful shots, Liam. The last one's my favourite.
  7. I'm enjoying all your photos , Sneeze. I think our members should start a Glossary of terms we use in this forum for the newer members.....Ah Moi, Flower Horn, Dark Side, T7, Kaching, Emperor, Red Belly, Blue Whale......what are they?
  8. All nice shots. Thanks, Denny.
  9. Attan


    Isn't that the Dornier Seastar shown at the first ever LIMA? I never saw that aircraft go into production, what a pity.
  10. Attan


    Thanks for the info, Liam. That Dakota cough can be highly infectious... but I really miss it. Here's a pic of me (with my hand on the DC3's oil cooler intake) taken in 1962 in Butterworth. That was an RAAF C47 I believe.
  11. Welcome aboard, Sneeze. We surely will enjoy pics from VHHH where almost every airline flies too.
  12. Love that Air Mauritius shot. Thanks, Jet.
  13. Excellent bizjet pics. Thanks, Radzi. C-GBLX for Global Express I presume. So Bombardier sends their executives to watch F1?
  14. Chaity and TK, thanks for the great shots. AK was making a "Travolta Approach".
  15. Yes, that's odd but she had all her vouchers with her and TG wouldn't accept her vouchers.
  16. Only case of displaced threshhold I know about is at Sempang. Touchdown zone on Rwy 22 was shifted further upwind because new buildings were erected on the approach path outsde the airfield fence.
  17. Dunno how e-ticketing actually works for multi-airline trips . A friend of mine had a big problem 2 days ago when her connection into LAX was delayed and she missed her LAX-SIN flight. All her tickets were e-tickets and although TG had a flight out of LAX the next day, she couldn't get on it because they insisted on physical tickets.
  18. Thanks, Norman and Ignatius.
  19. Attan


    Thanks, TK. The last 3 pics remind me of RAAF Butterworth where I used to see the Gannets and the Bristol Freighter operate. Next time you should also take a Tiger Moth ride just outside Melbourne. I wanted to but didn't have the time to stop by the airfield (Mourrabin?). Later in the afternoon I was walking around Flinders St and heard the beautiful sound of the Gypsy Moth engine and there it was in the sky on a joy flight.
  20. Decapped = peeled off - that's what will happen to a retread (tayar celup).
  21. The Ah Moi's will never know that we have monsters here who'll enjoy the pics
  22. 3 great pics, thanks. BTW is that bizjet a Raytheon Premier? and who's the operator?
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