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  1. Great coverage ! But a chuckle at the black Alphard. Shouldn't the chase vehicle be 4x4 capable just in case ?
  2. Or just one of those white CIA planes Mystery solved? US-registered plane in Iran owned by Ghana firmhttp://backchannel.al-monitor.com/index.php/2014/04/8179/mystery-solved-us-registered-plane-seen-in-tehran-was-used-by-ghana-officials/
  3. I'm surprised they don't go for American chains like Hilton or Best Western. If POTUS is in Europe, its typically Hilton all the way
  4. After a long time, finally taking AK to get to the Putrajaya Air Race 17/5 and to sample KLIA2 Pity MH though, their fares are so similar even without AK add-ons !
  5. Any idea if KLIA2 will have KLIA Express or just KLIA Transit service ? Also is there any connectivity to KLIA MTB ? For people who may be transiting MH-AK etc etc
  6. Have to do it over the phone, tedious but so far the only way that works for me apart from stopping by KL Sentral. Ridiculous that this cannot be done at MH offices in airports over Malaysia ! Or for them to have an online system which works.
  7. Tried everytime I claim my miles every 3 months via phone. Also brought it up at the KL Sentral Desk. No joy, same answer that redemption tickets (upgrade or full) are not eligible for miles/sectors. Have you managed to make a claim before ?
  8. Did this 3 seperate times for Hanoi, London and Paris. Even by submitting the missing miles claim, Enrich staff were adamant no miles or sectors could be credited for the Econ fare I paid as I used miles to upgrade.
  9. No sympathies for them there. As I've voiced out on Monday, the overall impression/attitude given is that Malaysia is not voicing herself professionally. Huge boo to the media as well, national papers giving airtime to "bomoh" ??! This is not criticism towards the SAR team, whose efforts are nothing short of world class. Nearly 12 hours since last statement from MH, which apart from timing really needs to hire a better writer. What would you feel reading this without knowing the background : (http://www.news.com.au/travel/travel-updates/mh370-copilot-shown-smoking-bringing-women-in-to-cockpit/story-fnizu68q-1226852101179) No mention about the captain in the photos either which I would be more worried about on my next flight !
  10. Just noticed MH has changed KUL - PEK flight # to MH360. More explanation from Malaysian authorities would go a long way in generating goodwill. Not necessary to release information as it comes in, but at least elaborate on why there are also searching Straits of Melaka (did Radar nearby pick something up to warrant this?) Area of Search for each vessel, if any searches are ongoing after dark etc etc Even MH has not updated their "Update" page in 18 hours. Radio this morning still reading yesterdays news (quoting 24hours since missing, singapore joined search THIS morning ??!)
  11. Crew details from http://news.ifeng.com/world/special/malaixiyakejishilian/zhibo.shtml http://y2.ifengimg.com/508df9aec9e2a/image/2014/03/08/531a80d0f007e_480_472.png From the Staff #, very junior FO ? Just an observation and it is tragic for this to have happened at all.
  12. Best way, go straight to the source. nnairport.com +86 771 209 5114 Gave them a ring, (no idea who was on the other end) but no unscheduled flights into their airport today, let alone a MH B777 One would think the media outlets had better sense to call and check first before giving false hope.
  13. MH website : http://www.malaysiaairlines.com/my/en/site/dark-site.html Hope this is just an "internal test" that got into the media since no international media has aired this news yet.
  14. hah, for us not living in KL finally an alternative for LHR route with oneworld
  15. Agree on the yields, but value would have to go to Emirates, Thai, Bruneian, Qatar, Etihad.
  16. With MH B744 business config being half the capacity of their A380, what will happen to those other passengers ? Abit of vested interest because I'll be flying KUL/LHR in July
  17. My 2cents : 1. Offer the domestic market to AirAsia for a nice sum, in exchange for their international routes out of KUL. Rationale : AK domestic fares are catching up with MH , while MH international fares are dropping to meet AirAsia X. May as well play to your strengths. Also this wouldn't affect AirAsia JV's to operate within other countries given immediate connectivity to emerging markets. 2. Rural Air Service (Borneo) to introduce amphibious aircraft. Rationale : Smaller aircraft for flexible schedules. Low cost & low impact compared to building an airstrip to connect every rural community. 3. Re-Invent the market. Rationale : Strip out first class services and replace with "NetJets/VistaJets" copy ? With Malaysian companies now looking abroad for opportunities, jet charter could be the next thing for ASEAN. OneWorld links will still be there for anyone who prefers a traditional first class experience. 4. Singapore Rationale : Plenty of shared history between SQ & MH. This could be the "Qantas and Emirates" story for us. Synergies with Point 3 above, and positions KLIA as a domestic/regional airport while Changi becomes the Europe/America/NZ gateway for Malaysians.
  18. Probably just abit of hyperbole 157 spread across the A380 is still pretty thin I'd say, just 20+ more than the entire upper deck seating (C & Y)
  19. BTU - SIN please ! Only recently has MH added a 1910 flight to KUL for us, arriving 2100-ish. Perfect for connecting flights to Europe (Oil & Gas industry) rather than flying on the 1330 BTU-KUL flight. Haven 't seen this flight less than 70% before, so must be pretty popular. Nothing beats connectivity & comfort at SIN though.
  20. Looking into this as I've never been to a RedBull event let alone an air-race ! Tickets are split into Prelim (Saturday), Final (Sunday) or Weekend (Both days). Anybody has hints on which is best to go to for spotting ? Also it shows the race as ending @ 3am on Monday morning ! Is this when the actual racing ends or is it just an after party ? Official Link here : http://www.redbullairrace.com/en_US/event/putrajaya
  21. Drop them a call, 1300883000 . I did it last week and miles were credited within 5 minutes !
  22. hmmm ... quite tempted with the trade days. Any background checks apart from being employed ?
  23. where do you guys redeem the miles from ? Login through enrich.malaysiaairlines.com ? Because when I click redeem flight , it says date is not available... even for SIN-KUL on 5 different months !
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