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  1. Some to share on my trip to Sydney in Aug ,thanks to guide shared by Hooi Yen, i managed to reach those spots. Will upload more once i finish editing the remaining. Thanks
  2. If not possible to shoot from there, at least still can go SLW or Haeco spot which is also good
  3. There is a possibility! lol
  4. Francis, thats NRT. Suzukisan, is that afternoon spot?
  5. My previous flight got upgraded with no miles also
  6. Just found up redemption flight not eligible for MHupgrade
  7. There you go... more on the chopping board. Was trying to book my flight. Thought it was full, till i saw this. Kuala Lumpur – Adelaide eff 09AUG15 Service reduce from 7 to 4 weekly (Day 357 from KUL, Day 146 from ADL cancelled) Kuala Lumpur – Medan Kuala Namu eff 09AUG15 Service reduce from 3 to 2 daily, MH846/847 cancelled Kuala Lumpur – Melbourne eff 02AUG15 Service reduce from 3 to 2 daily, MH147/146 cancelled Kuala Lumpur – Sydney eff 03AUG15 Service reduce from 3 to 2 daily, MH143/142 cancelled
  8. Azahan, tumpang one shot from me from the same afternoon as you.
  9. Our list of confirmed participants: 1 Waiping 2 flee 3 Josh T 4 Mohd Yohan 5 Simon 6 Gavin Andrew David 7 Hon Kit (after 4pm) Citta Mall may be abit far for dinner. There is some restaurant at KLIA2 and Mitsui. Can plan for dinner there .
  10. Sun rise on the left and set on the right. Its good all day
  11. 32L is not really legal. Police can still come and check on you. You can go further down to the approach area and get a clear shot without fence blocking. Otherwise, everywhere is pretty insecure. Safest still Anjung Tinjau
  12. They all should just install USB on every seats and have wifi IFE like Silk Air 738. Lighter. Lower cost to run .
  13. KUL is not a spotter friendly place. It is not safe to spot outside the airport area. Not safe means, the airport authority / police. You can be caught for spotting as they think you carries a threat to the plane no matter what reason you give eventhough you are doing nothing wrong. Thus, safest place to be is in the terminal . Check out Anjung Tinjau thread for pic.
  14. Change the current 777 IFE. Dont change econony class seat and config!
  15. Just flew their 777 for the first time yesterday.. I started to think... Keep the current economy class ? Sat on one of the normal row. The seats are so comfortable. More than enough legroom. Though i have to say, the IFE is bad.
  16. My serious advice for a tourist, spot only at the Observation Deck at the Terminal in KUL.
  17. TA seen arriving from Szb in healthy condition. Taxi straight to Satellite terminal.. It has to go back straight to work as 4 777 in hangar and 1 sunbathing with one engine missing.
  18. Any updates on this matter? Seems like they still have not update their GDS.
  19. ie. Malindo's config. Nobody seems to comment anything with Malindo. Their seat are good especially people flying them to India.
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