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  1. Drama menjadi semakin panas! So we will wait till Monday to hear new news about this. BTW, Kota Kinabalu (BKI) hub remain close (from Feb 12) as mention before?
  2. Some news to share. - FY-jet operations will operate till end of this month. Beyond October 2011, unofficially there will no more B737 FY operation. - Mainly advance booking pax will be given refund. - All 6 B738 from tomorrow and onwards will reconfigure back to MAS seat layout. The 2 B734 no news. - So later, new B737-8H6 some will transfer to Sapphire (yet don't know when will establish). - FY jet-crew, no idea about that.
  3. WoW!!! 1st time see A33F in Malaysia... to date, still no MH punya.
  4. Hehehe... Nothing with fact... Chance to see MH A380 nearly 100% seat occupied, deploy for Raya flight to KBR and for Hajj movement. Other than that, still wondering...
  5. I have 2 wish for QPR! 1. Can QPR make the "major"-home sponsor logo and font look as nice as Arsenal & Manchester City major sponsor? 2. Please keep fight and stay at BPL for 2 seasons at least. Hehe. Still nobody dare to challnage the giant "Fly-Emirates" corporate name. It appear in Europe & Asia football and now IRB Rubgy World Cup. hehe
  6. From Uncle Tony Twitter Pardon me, what is "DY"?
  7. Emmm suspect user of the 9M-TAN is controversial brother of Kelantan-Sultan... emmmm
  8. Iggy, alone there? Not celebrate any anniversary there
  9. SO any oru member manage to shot 9M-MXD today? I believe it arrive somewhere in morning after ferry flight from Toulouse mid-night Malaysian time...
  10. But currently MH not adding new destination even add extra frequency within their B737 sector at least. So they now operate lots of B737 family. Only what I can think, could be some the Triple in workshop now for C-Checks, perhaps? By joining into oneworld alliance, do MH need to explore every destination in ASEAN like AK? Or tapping Aussie (Qantas), India (Kingfisher) or China (Cathay) market within B738 range?
  11. Lately, I love to see KC-tanker... Thank u Uncle KC for the KC... Nice cute Korean... I miss lots of KE nice livery lately...
  12. Wounder before this did MH flight to EZE disrupted??
  13. Any idea what will built surrounding weather station?
  14. Perghhh,,, cepat tukar kamera abang, masiuk kencang ea... hehehe... Sorry OT
  15. Photos were captured last Saturday (04 June 2011) 10 minutes early than STA, so I miss WoW-factor of 9M-AFK AK5380 Normally : Been told that AK will sent the same aircraft to TGG for AK5388/AK389 (night flight) After 5 minutes 9M-FYF appaer, FY2100 from SZB Side note : Currently FY suspended SIN & PEN operation from TGG. Load quite good but maybe FY has another plan... MH1326 arriving at Runway 04 at 0939 9M-MQF entering Taxiway A Evening flight, MH1335 to KUL, With background of Masjid KUSZA and Masjid Tok Jembal (I guess) and airport fire station Finally, view of reclaimed land to extend the runway 22 with blue sky and South China Sea Later that day, a charted QZ of B733 from BDO, unfortunately I need to continue my journey upper north of TGG. Thank you for viewing
  16. Why like that?? 'Censored' on fuselage but not on tail?? Park there for long time, since Singapore AirShow 2010 it already there...
  17. Never mind flee, its okey. Me too cant expect much RSAF aerial display since I can see from youtube that Changi operate as usual (Clearly visible aircraft takeoff from SIN!). Lets hope for appearance of Black Knight with their love bite formation. hehe.
  18. Nice photo there flee... Do you have any photo show full body of RSAF KC135?? Just know about Black Knight team recently, they doing nice formation and slightly better than USAF Thunderbird formation back in SZB last year...
  19. Wonder how Weststar to cover the cost when not everyday ppl charter an aircraft?
  20. Photos about 8 days ago... Pardon for the picture quality... From comfort T3 spotting, hehe...10 minutes spotting... Singapore Airlines Cargo 9V-SFN (32899/1342), with new livery and no more MEGA ARK title. 1024 x 685 SIA | B777-312/ER | 34579/703 1024 x 685 Bombardier BD-700-1A10 Global Express | PR-VDR | Samba-Brazil, far away from home... JT | 737-9GP/ER | I believe the rego is PK-LFR Ex-TH MD-11(F) | The rego could be 9M-TGS At T2, quick shot... T2 use white glass,hehe. BI | A319-132 | V8-RBR (2032) From Big-MaMa, to small sister and finally to human scale... 9M-MMS & HS-TGF Thank you for viewing
  21. Will bet my 10 cent and Im going North...keke... Thanks MAR for the detail info... FlyFM also doing promo on AK and I believe it will going next week I guest, just say it correctly "Fabulous Fly-Day Every Friday"!!! Detail here : http://www.flyfm.com.my/fabulousflyday/
  22. Nice and I mean it really nice photos there Jason... Personally I like the A330 final approach... Worth to invest in goooood telephoto lens, need some patient to see save the money...hehe...
  23. Is not a good practice for them, but it may be a good chance we see QF's dugong much often?
  24. Ehhh is a story to be continued?? Apa cerita? At 5.00 of vidoe, the front tow-truck has SQ logo, so own/chartered by SIA for their Dugong, not Swissport?
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