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  1. Doesn't look too promising for things at RedX.
  2. Have to accept the fact AirAsia is the market leader when it comes promotions, attracting customers and creating hype. Making full use of social media to get attention. Creative marketing at its best. The impact AirAsia has on passengers have gone down to a point where they don't even compare fares to other airlines when it comes to buying a ticket. Even though other airlines maybe cheaper and probably full service. Its brand power to say the least.
  3. A good way for Kiwi.com to tap into AirAsia's branding power.
  4. For a unified ASEAN aviation regulatory body to even take form, the ASEAN nations as a whole need to be unified in hell loads of stuff (economy, immigration, political stand, etc etc etc) . A unified aviation regulatory within this region is probably item number infinity in the priority list as what Craig highlighted.
  5. I also wonder if it only impacts code share with American operators. If not then i guess no problems with MH then to code share with other foreign operators that fly into US. American Airlines will be the one impacted from getting MH pax feed. MH can depend on other operators to feed their pax into US. Just that feeding pax into secondary US cities will be a problem.
  6. The fee hikes should commensurate with equal level of services provided which is sadly not the case. Well what is new in this country anyway. Hope this downgrade give a positive wake up call to all stakeholders to fix what FAA feels is not up to par.
  7. Totally not connected. If its purely on safety then FAA should be questioned regarding its Boeing scandal. Finally CAAM can get a taste their own medicine with how they treat operators especially during audits. Perhaps also the result of curses from aviation professionals (engineers, flight crew, dispatchers and etc) on exorbitantly high licensing fees. I was told pilots have to pay close to rm1500 a year to renew their licenses on the back of a very inefficient agency which operates as if its still the year 1957.
  8. The Airlines or Operators safety policy is to conform to international standards (ICAO) when it comes to standard practices. Its CAAM responsibility to make sure local operators adhere to it which in FAAs opinion failed to do so. So yes, as what flee highlighted, CAAM is accountable and its going to be interesting to see what their official statement on this is going to be like.
  9. Sinking apron is a common issue in BKK as well. Hence some airline have policies on not carrying out single engine taxi there, they are also not allowed to start their engines during pushback due to this.
  10. I wonder what would the "expensive" facility in MTB is he referring to? Not that there is free lounges or complimentary porter service the way he is implying. Again, its AirAsia. Why am i surprised.
  11. Complexity when they declare ready for departure while still starting up the other engine and another traffic is charging in at 4nm final. But its not their problem, its ATCs problem, the traffic behind and the government.
  12. For the ignorants who still question the need for RAS.
  13. No AK behaves well everywhere else across our borders. In fact Changi will be praised for this by everyone else.
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