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    Riyadh Air

    Being Saudi based, Riyadh Air might surely be a dry airline with no 🍻 served. This might deter lot of western pax from travelling with them. Asians too.
  2. MH is doing 4-5x daily on the BKK route with A330s at times. Loads should be healthy i guess.
  3. Apparently MH's PEN-SIN run only lasted a few months last year.
  4. Quite the opposite, they still have many on furlough and operating with half month work pattern. Those flying are only working half of what they used to.
  5. Technically, they share the same runway. Runway 15/33 can be used by main terminal operators as well and vice versa KLIA2 using Runway 32L/R 14L/R. So its not a different airport per say. A lot of foreign airports dont have airside connectivity too between terminals. Some are at opposite ends of the airport. Just like how the old LCCT used to operate.
  6. Not what my friends in MAS say, they even got bonus last month.
  7. Not aware of any new restrictions besides closure of lottery outlets due to state govt decision.
  8. Ground crew or Cabin crew/Engineers? Never heard of ME3 and SQ poaching for ground handlers/passenger handling staff.
  9. Who are they? Any names? Curious to know.
  10. Apparently the 2x weekly YIA and PKU flights are Umrah feeder services. Most of the seats are already blocked by agents, hence not much room for commercial sales and media hype.
  11. How does the A330neo decision being unstrategic? Enlighten the community please.
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