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  1. No manufacturer will produce such documents on turbulence penetration performance between one model to another. Except for procedures on dealing with severe turbulence during different phases of flight. (I.e climb/descend speed, ignition setting and thrust selection) This are based on feedback of Pilot's who have flown both types as well as Cabin Crew's experience operating those types day in and day out. Perhaps you can try speaking to them, they have real world experiences on this as part of their daily routine.
  2. Lucky its a 77W. God knows how bad things might have turned out if its A359 or A388. 777s generally withstand turbulence much better than their European widebody competitors.
  3. A typical descend from cruise to landing is about 25mins if they are on a CDO (Continuous Descend Operation) . I wonder which part of this statement is crazy. It was a normal descend or just probably slightly expedited as the pilots opted for high speed descend due to the event led to a medical emergency, high speed descend will result in higher rate of descend. During turbulence, pilots may request higher or lower level to clear bumpy levels. But based on FR24 data, there was nothing unusual with the descend. Except for a part where they requested lower level momentarily after the incident which is FL370 down to FL310. Following which the aircraft then continued for their descend and approach into BKK.
  4. Upon checking, there is no issue with this as there are many other operators out there that put their cadets directly to widebodies out of flying schools. SQ is among one of them prior Silkair’s merger with the mainline. Nevertheless MH got so many other issues besides this.
  5. Good luck to the dispatcher, heard MH lately started punitive culture. Company cracking on staff that is involved in non-compliances and also those who receive reports from superiors/peer. This have somewhat been a push factor also as company is getting strict while staff is overworked and underpaid.
  6. MTB is facing shortage of parking bays especially during the morning wave. In some cases change over times between departing and arriving aircraft are as low as 5mins. Due to the nature of airline operations and inefficacies of KUL ATC (poorest ATC management) in the region, unnecessary delays are caused due to this. It's not going to get any better with OD and MH adding more capacity from here. Perhaps open bay operations are a short term fix, but our climate is not welcoming anyways. Rains and heatwave will not be conducive for passengers. KLIA users are paying the price for the lack of planning by MAHB.
  7. Insiders say their chief experience officer at times are totally disconnected with the reality of whats happening everyday at the frontlines.
  8. And snail paced decision making on acquiring new aircraft. At this rate they better start considering wet/damp lease from 3rd party to fill in the gaps until they get their engineering house in order.
  9. It wont be Maswings anymore when it happens. The branding will cease and becomes wholly owned by Sarawak state govt.
  10. With dual aerobridge boarding and cargo/baggage loading utilizing ULD. You would be surprised at times it can be done in under 1hour.
  11. They are more familiar with MASwings compared to FY.
  12. Probably with MH Max delays, FY's expansion plan got backfired. As MH cannot release NG's to FY.
  13. Doesn't look good, this is massive frequency cuts.
  14. We kinda knew this was coming. Only a matter of time. The end ultimately.
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