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  1. Central Asian folks escaping the harsh winter to our region and Malaysians/SE Asians enjoying their nice spring.
  2. Doubt MAG is willing to invest in SZB. Whatever announcements made before for SZB jet ops by MAG was merely running on the hype made by govt to allow jet ops from the city airport. Operating from SZB to routes already operated by MAB from KUL might be seen as cannibalism. The economics of scale might not work.
  3. That's a new record. Fastest ever repossession exercise. Show's how high in demand A320's are in the second hand markets.
  4. I heard OD is only operating 1 ATR in SZB right now. Sounds like they are making an exit soon, or rather just keeping their slot in the event of resumption later on.
  5. With plenty of seats on the A330/350s experiencing broken IFE's and half past 6 wireless IFE on the 737s. I wont be putting high expectations on this.
  6. This is not true, just checked with a friend there. Uniforms are provided by company, and of a very good quality.
  7. Pall


    S'wak focused on MASwings acquisition, no interest in MYAirline takeover, says Premier https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2023/10/12/s039wak-focused-on-maswings-acquisition-no-interest-in-myairline-takeover-says-premier
  8. This is after 9M-MVA arrives around the 3rd week of October.
  9. Press Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MYAirline Announces Suspension of Operations KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, 12 October 2023 – MYAirline regrettably announces the suspension of its operations effective 12 October 2023 until further notice. The airline has come to this extremely painful decision because of significant financial pressures that have made it necessary to suspend operations pending the shareholder restructuring and recapitalization of the airline. In a statement from the Board of Directors, MYAirline said "We deeply regret and apologize for having to make this decision as we understand the impact it will have on our loyal passengers, dedicated employees and partners. We have worked tirelessly to explore various partnership and capital raising options to prevent this suspension. Unfortunately, the constraints of time have left us with no alternative but to take this decision." We understand the inconvenience this may cause, and we are committed to assisting you through this situation. Kindly reach out to us at customercare@myairline.my, and our support team will be readily available to provide their assistance. In the meantime, we are advising affected passengers to not head to the airport and seek for alternative travel arrangements to their destinations. The Board, shareholders and all of us at MYAirline will be working tirelessly to resume operations as quickly as possible but at this stage we are unable to commit to any timeline. We reiterate our sincerest apologies for any difficulty and inconvenience arising from this suspension and will do our utmost to provide any updates which become available. ENDS
  10. Glad to see this finally happening. A lot of their plans got derailed this year due to MH's delayed 737-8. Hence transfer of the older 738's cannot take place between MH and FY.
  11. Hopefully this ex-CEO cope well and recover. Again with too many top post executives, C-suites post holders resigning in a span of 3 months. It does send out a worrying signal.
  12. Pall


    So tickets can be sold via FY booking engine.
  13. Friends who are there and leaving soon. Employer EPF too delayed for up to 3 months. It was a big hoo-haa in social media by their unhappy staff as well in case you were following. There was a CFO change as well lately. Yes, same story heard. The aircraft delayed reason is the "corporate" answer, but its far from the truth. Myairline was suppose to operate 20 aircraft by december, now thats not happening.
  14. How about you ask those working with Myairline yourself and reserve your comments until then. Maybe your opinion will change after that.
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