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  1. When the Rural Air Services was handed over to Air Asia (which was operated by FAX), Air Asia demanded for and was given the whole of the RAS exclusively (including the KK-Sibu sector). MH had to abide by this. And when they found that they cant operate RAS profitably, they took their spoils and dumped it (in its sorry state) back to MH. Now AK wants to cherry pick again playing on the people as a means of getting what they want. The basis of the RAS is for the more profitble route to cross subsidise the lesser ones. In the end if this route is given to AK, then it is the people's money that will be used to pay for the other routes. A recent internal communications says that MASWings got only 50% of the subsidy paid to FAX for RAS. If indeed MASWings got a better deal, I am sure Uncle Tony will be the first person at the PM's door every morning to either cry foul or to have RAS returned to AK, being the clever man that he is. There seems to be no end to this man.
  2. Or rather, If you are going down, why not take your neighbor with you. A little bit also enuff. Get some mileage from your own failure. Its just that AK has been operating this sector despite objections and when they are existing, they say the reason is this and that.
  3. Another one. Question - Which is the fastest airline to fly to get to a golf course? Answer - Qantas (in reference to the incident when the Qantas 747 overan the runway and landed on the golf green in Bankok)
  4. Read the article and it does say that the plane IS one of the planes used as Air Force One
  5. Totally agree that aerobridge is a must. Having witnessed how they "helped" a wheelchair bound pax up the stairs, I think the experience is uncomfortable and downright scary.
  6. Jun, you have a slight complication here. This is because you are travelling JBH-PEN which would mean JBH-KUL-KUL-PEN. There maybe a transit at KUL For KUL and PEN, there would be no issue of bringing your Grandmother right up to the aircraft because of the aerobridge. I believe JHB does not have aerobridge facility so depending on the state of your Grandmother, MH will provide assistance up to the aircraft door either using an ambulift of manually. I have travelled once on MH with a disabled friend and MH does give priority to seat the disabled first. His was transferred to a wheelchair provided by MH and his wheelchair was put into the cargo hold at the boarding gate. My disabled friend was helped from the door to the seat and was seated before everone else. I guess it would be difficult if there the other passengers are already boarding or have already boarded. A wheelchair was waiting for us at the aircraft door when we arrived and his wheelchair was given back to him after baggage. I think rthe aerobridge is a great facility for the disabled.
  7. Now where are those AK Fan boys - The Ones Who Made It Possible For Everyone To Fly?
  8. Capt, you missing the target here? Now the skeletons are coming out of the closet. Keep this coming. Idiots or Liars or both.
  9. For the moment, I dont see myself flying with them. When I retire and there is no more souce of steady income, I may be forced to use them. Then I (become like Everyone) Can Fly (still).
  10. Thank you. I am now not alone in having experienced the same with Singapoer Airlines and that's why I fly with MH or other airlines. I even get better treatment with AZ and BA.
  11. and TF will ask for royalties for creating an AK forum because of the increased traffic....
  12. "liar, liar, pant's on fire" for claiming to be disabled friendly.......
  13. But I do not believe MH at that time, made any representation that they have facilities for the disabled nor did they indicate on any part of the aircraft, documentations and brochures to the same effect. In this case, a booking for disabled facilities was made and the booking was accepted by AK. The booking for disabled facilities was confirmed at check-in. As such it becomes a legal obligation in the sales/purchase agreement for the seller to deliver to the buyer. Making claims to the effect when knowingly that such facility does not exist or is not abled to be fulfilled is either tantamount to a clear case of misrepresentation or failure to deliver on the contract. THIS IS NOT A CASE OF THE PASSENGER NOT KNOWING OR KNOWING THE LIMITATIONS OF AIRLINE BECAUSE THE AIRLINE CLEARLY INDICATED THAT THEY HAVE SUCH FACILITIES TO OFFER. By god they even plastered it on their aircraft. Are you now saying the aircraft painter wrongly painted the aircraft? In the case of the unavailability of the ambulift in KL may be dismissed as equipment unserviceability. But how do you explain the complete absence of the facility in Vientiene. How do you explain letting him fall on the aircraft floor.
  14. But then TF proudly announced that AK is diabled friendly....indeed. What happened to the AK staff who ended up with slipped disc carrying disabled passengers on their backs?
  15. I used to be violently sick even riding in a car or bus. 5 mins and I'm gone since I was a child. My first flight to UK, I was sick most of the way. I can guarantee that Dramamine works. For long haul, I prefer the old formulation which make me drowsy and I'll sleep most of the way. Dont go for other brands. I hated flying cos I ended getting a cold and my ears get blocked and landings are excrutiating. I had my nasal cavity cleared thru surgery because of my sinusitis. Somehow, it also cured my motion sickness.
  16. No there are no charges for use of the mask but there is a fee of 10euros for the oxygen.
  17. I believe, the minimum 6 months passport validity is standard throughout all states in the world. However, if it is just a few days, then one might be let in at the discretion of the Immigrations authority. You may get in but do check with the authorities. I beleive Singapore is very strict on this.
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