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  1. sad day for all malaysians. saw a video of 370's flight path on the mirror.co.uk. anyone who has seen it notice the aircraft made a right bank prior to vanishing? any possible explanations? I cannot tell the gap in time between the path adjustment and the disappearance from radar. hope someone with more expertise can enlighten me.
  2. Isn't that one of those balloon-like aircrafts?
  3. Well. The French are back. The Turks are back. Soon, the Aussies and British
  4. Didn't realize the thread was started here. Thought it'd be in Foreign Carriers and Malaysia. My bad
  5. Surprised no one has posted about Turkish Airlines operating 3 weekly flights between Istanbul and KL from 25th Feb onwards? http://www.businesstraveller.asia/asia-pacific/news/turkish-airlines-resumes-istanbul-kl-route Another big player coming to town!
  6. I guess apart from connectivity, they brought in more "frequency" across destinations in Asia.
  7. Haha. What did I tell you guys! Look who is coming to town now. Just have to be patient on TK. I think they will eventually make the trip down. I dunno about BA and QF tho. But the more options we have, the better. Not that MH provides the best frequency and connectivity in the world.
  8. http://www.traveldailynews.asia/news/article/50677/air-france-possibly-to-kuala There is some truth to the rumour. AF and possibly TK to launch flights to KUL in 2013. Fingers crossed
  9. Taken from: http://bernama.com/b...s.php?id=645872 Cathay Pacific to go 4 times daily on Kuala Lumpur - Hong Kong and 10 x weekly on Penang - Hong Kong. Great news!
  10. Well. No more direct flights to Bahrain. Gotta opt for Dubai or Abu Dhabi and then make a short hop over lol.
  11. Now MH's remaining A330s on order don't seem like a bad idea. By the time we get our A350 (if they did order) it'll be 2020 and people are probably flying to space for fun.
  12. Well well well... What do we have here... Link from The Star
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