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  1. hmm interesting, domestic flights. perhaps i should drive from SG to JB then start an islandhop around northern malaysia. Is that a good deal?
  2. lol k guys! wooohoooo everythings resolved. ICA allowed me to make an instant passport, will collect it today at 3pm. hehe. Now i only have to worry about the itinery of the trip
  3. ok guys i've checked with ICA they asked me to deal with Malaysia's High Commision. called them, the officer refused to help and directed me to go to ICA again. In case, it does not work out, can someone confirm with me the rest of the 6 tickets can still be received right, although me being the one who booked them dont get to go?
  4. OMG! I will be flying with Jetstar to Kuching this Wednesday. I just found out yesterday that the passport validity to Sarawak for Singapore passports is 6 months. My passport will expire in July 2009 and to make a new passport will take at least 3 working days. To make matter worse, I cannot just get an instant extension since the passport has reached its 10 years expiration. So now, my next option is to not go to Kuching BUT theres 6 other family members under my booking name. So anyone has any idea that in the event that I back out, can the other 6 still proceed on or are they barred from entering too? And can I confirm if its 6 months not 3 months to enter Kuching?
  5. wait. but the difference is that, this is a sales vs nonsale period comparison. not a sales vs sales one. Why would they claim that its a sales with given deadline when the price post-deadline is cheaper than the former?
  6. ^ Standard faresSingapore Kuching $29 Sale fares There are no sale fares at the moment. Please visit our all day every day low fares. However, on the booking page, the sales fare is clearly showed. While when I did my booking within the sales period, it was not indicated. if thats a glitch, than im at the losing end , no? shouldnt i get to enjoy the 0 dollars fare for the round flights? anyone has any idea if i should pursue this matter? 140 SGD is quite alot and we can channel that to our miscellanous expenses in Kuching.
  7. There was a Pre-Natas Fare Sales for Jetstar with booking period from 23rd February to 1st of March. Initially,the fares for Sin- KCH on the 18th-21st (going and return respectively) was 0 dollars for both that means the total per pax is 80. I have already collected that amount from my relatives. However, on the morning of 1st March it was 0 for going and 20 SGD for returning. Since I thought I would miss the dateline of offer, I booked for 7 passengers amounting to 700 exactly without the insurance coverage. To my dismay, I checked the standard rates 10 minutes ago and it is 0 + 0 for both while the offer has ended. Is this some kind of marketing strategy? I find this revelation very disappointing and wonder if there is any way we can find out what happened. I hope we can get the benefit of booking within the sales period. If not, whats the use of it when we can have a much cheaper fares without the rush and trouble? The Jetstar hotline being virtually impossible to get thru is also much to my upset. Brr.
  8. oopsie, i did the put the name on both first and last column, hehe. Hopefully it is alright. Thanks guys. Looking forward to Kuching!
  9. nope. her passport name is basically that. no last name or surname. im sooo panicky since the promo will end soon
  10. Hi guys, im booking some jetstar tickets to Kuching. My aunt's maid only has a first name but the form requires both first and last name to proceed on. Any idea what I should put? NIL or for domestic helpers we have to apply through another channel? PS: how come the sales fare was removed for the flight KCH- SIN on 21st march. so sad. haha
  11. when i am overcomed by such fears, i hold a constant reminder closely to my heart: when He invites you, in can take place irregardless of the place. faith is what keeps me strong.
  12. its confirmed now that we will be staying at harbourview. hope i have a great vantage point for photography there. We will prolly need help one the subsequent days after settling down. whee. Thats nice of you Kenneth, I'll consuly my uncle and see what he thinks . There'll be 3 adults, 2 teens, and 2 toddlers. Wow, thats quite costly, I reckon I'll have to bring some spare change to enter the tourist attractions. I would love to learn more about the tribal people indepth, that'll be enriching. Nearer the date, I'll confirm with you, Kenneth the helpful. Well, sorry again for my obnoxiosity, most are due to my kiasuness doing everything by the book. Now that I have booked the flights, there's no turning back I guess Taxis are more reliable? In travelwiki, it says the drivers charged you not according to the supposed meters but just their own discretion. Really? Ada hantu ke? hehehe. I assume harbourview hotel is just beside it? To each his own- Fendy. Hope one day you are desensitize and leave that bad experience behind "D
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