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  1. https://www.malaysiaairlines.com/my/en/corporate-info/press-room/2017/further-clarifies-fleet-strategy.html "In line with this, Bellew also announced that Malaysia Airlines has signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) for the lease of six (6) second hand Airbus A330-200, as replacement for six narrowbody Boeing 737 that are being returned to lessors . The A330-200 aircraft, expected to begin arriving from February 2018, will allow the airline to bridge the next generation wide-body aircraft orders. The LOI with AerCap, the lessor of the aircraft, was signed today. As per the LOI, the A330-200s will be leased for six years from 2018 to 2023 and will mainly be used to up-gauge several high-demand medium haul routes. The aircraft features are very similar to Malaysia Airlines’ current A330-300 fleet with exactly the same Pratt & Whitney engines. Malaysia Airlines is negotiating a maintenance support programme with Pratt & Whitney. The six aircraft will have a two class configuration, 287 seats with 19 fully lie flat Business Class seats, brand new IFE on all seats and WiFi." “As I have communicated, we have an immediate need for widebodies to offer more lie flat beds in Business Class on our flights over three hours. Malaysia Airlines has done an opportunistic deal on super aircraft from a failed European carrier. I am grateful to AerCap for their speed in working with Malaysia Airlines to help rebuild our premium business,” Peter Bellew concluded. Looks like Air Belin!
  2. Last night I was trying to book my flights, and noticed that there was a new website - but I could not book as it an error message came out. I tried again a few minutes later, the old website was up again. Looks like we should see something new in the next day or so. Should have taken a screenshot!
  3. I thk the lie flat for Max10 would really be great. Great for overnight 5-6 hr flights. But a bit disappointed that the A350 biz product is the same as A330 but I guess a slight improvement from the current A380 biz.
  4. Is Malindo doing really bad? I took 2 flights with them recently, and the loads were very light - 20 plus pax for both ways. Last month I also took a couple of Firefly flights - approximately 50% load. Over capacity for Subang?
  5. I think the AB J seats are better than the newly configured J seats in MH metals.
  6. If it is May 2019 delivery, I wonder if the intended leased A333 would still be needed? The leased A333 supposed to come in end of this year or next year, right.
  7. Then we can have daily flights to Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Dallas, Orlando, Chicago, Houston, Boston, and Atlanta
  8. The tail of the Wau does not extend to the end - so this is back to the older design of the wau. I think tghis wau looks nicer
  9. Interesting indeed that KUL is ahead of BKK. Probably due to the methodology used to determine ranking.
  10. Korea seems to be doing well to have the additional flights
  11. This is good news - looks like game changer of 737 aircraft. If only the A350 and A330 would have all direct aisle access as well! On the other hand, hope that the Y class would be decent as well, hopefully improvement from the current seats.
  12. I am not sure how Skytrax 5-star rating works, and is it really that prestigious? I see Garuda, Hainan and Qatar proudly promoting the 5-star ranking, but it is completely missing from Singapore Airlines' promotion. Don't even see anything about Skytrax in SQ's website
  13. 4 variants? If we include the A380 all blue wau.
  14. I was in one a few months ago - i think about 5 months ago. Hopefully they are gone now. The interior is really bad .. worse than any of AK planes
  15. KUL-ICN increased to 10x! Loads must have been very healthy to justify the increase.
  16. It seems that I had a sex change in my booking confirmation for my enrich redemption ticket ... I guess there are a lot of bugs in the system.
  17. This is really nice - if only we could have this as the livery for all the fleet. The flag speaks of the nation - Malaysia, and MAB as the "national" airline. It also reflects the colour scheme of the "wau" - red and blue. It incorporates the "swoosh" but in a much more striking way. I must say this is the best so far in years - comparing to the "ribbon" on A380 and the swoosh on the rest of the fleet. Well done. Looking forward to seeing the livery on the A350 itself!
  18. Is the check in at KL Sentral still handled by MAB staff instead of AeroDarat? I noticed they are wearing MAB uniform. As a result of the usual congestion at bag drop counters at KLIA, I prefer to drop my bag at KL Sentral and take the ERL to KLIA. With the current RM80 return promotion, it is still a bit cheaper than to take Grab car to the airport if I am travelling alone.
  19. The seat pitch is similar with other airlines such as Qatar and BA.
  20. Flights cancellation are rather common too - out of 4 flights I took with OD the past few months, 3 were cancelled and I was placed on either an earlier or later flights - messed up all my schedule since these were all day trips for meetings.
  21. Have been making a few Firefly SZB-SIN-SZB flights recently and noted that the loads have been really good, and the tickets were not cheap as well - almost full flights except a handful of empty seats. Also noted that there was now male cabin crew on board on my flight yesterday. When does Firefly start hiring male cabin crew?
  22. Looks like there is no "spare" A380 as per the incident involving flight to London on 26 Mar. THere will surely be another round of bashing. https://www.malaysiaairlines.com/my/en/travel_advisory/mh2_mh3_statement.html
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