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  1. So AirAsia X would be stuck with its current frequency into HNL for the foreseeable future then. No downgrade/upgrade etc.
  2. I suppose a little bit more of colour a-la GA and new OA does not hurt?
  3. Unfortunately, MH is no EK, AF, QF or LH. All three c/s with the sole exception of AF does not make them look like a LCC. This one screams out just that. To be honest I was expecting more from MH, seeing they have came out with the heliconia/hibuscus combo in the past but then they came out with this. Fresh, yeah but it is too bland and boring. I doubt that it will have much impact on the general public with this c/s. Even AK have more colours on their a/c compared to this and i never liked AF c/s anyway. Just my 2sen
  4. I have seen more colours on a SKS-KL bus compared to this
  5. is it still on? if not my 4th Dec flight burn lah.
  6. if im not mistaken the 738s that MH used to lease 4 years ago from a eastern european carrier came with business class seats. why cant MH just lease those aircrafts again? OK-TVC and TVD right?
  7. fitri,ur welcome You Type We Show is this true???
  8. http://www.indoflyer.net/indoforum/tm.asp?m=95362 (only in indonesian) -azfar
  9. thx for the replies.... is it still there?
  10. Hi.. Yesterday i went to the LCCT to sent/d my aunt to Bangkok... on the way there, i saw this white 732... what is she doing here? whose the owner??? http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a387/rol...11/IMG_2507.jpg http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a387/rol...11/IMG_2504.jpg thx.. -azfar
  11. Hi Truei.. selamat datang to malaysiawings.com.. nice pix...expecially my "baby" MKX....miss u MKX... out of topic,on my flight to turkey in 2005,i noticed MKU dosent have footrest and the crew bunker(dunno what its name) beside the toilet near exit 3L/3R.on the flight back,MKX does have the things mentioned above.Which one is ex-SN and ex-SR?They also have different IFE system (from my view) bcoz on MKX,the IFE said Lumpur,not Kuala Lumpur and it always pointing out to Singapore in the Skyshow,KL appeared when we fly over Nicobar Island.Can someone help? -Azfar
  12. tomorrow im going with my friend and her bro...I'll be at the komplex bunga raya... -azfar
  13. i love this c/s..because i love Hello Kitty!!!! i think they should paint more of their aircraft like this to attract Hello Kitty fan to fly EVA AIR just my RM0.02 sen..
  14. wow...beautiful!!! with all the waters..i love waters!!!yeeee!!!!
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