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  1. Can all the collectors join to show all of the scale models?...hehehe
  2. Actually same video from "Permintaan Terakhir" but this is my edited version. The song lyric actually for "balloon" but in Sarawak we called Airplane is "belon"...heheh...enjoy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TUP9OYSKjfk
  3. Wow, that's a good concept with the airline restaurant..any idea where we can purchase all the airlines parts which has been scraped such as seats, galley, windows sidewall etc in Malaysia. As i know there is only in Singapore for the new galley part. Galley Part
  4. It's a great moment if anybody can get a photos for Army stewardess as published from Berita Harian last year.. Source from: Pramugari Tentera
  5. Wahh..hahah..next time we can use your tricks.. Ikman and I also try to request for short visit into the cockpit but has been rejected by the FA.
  6. Aok..org Swak..haha..also can't wait to see Ikman and your report as well since i'm not good enough to present the report. Only this is for you Dr. Nasi Lemak with Chicken Rendang. Quite nice but MAS Nasi Lemak is still the best for me.. Drinking water from Eau Claire Sdn Bhd Postcard given to all of FY Passengers
  7. It's a great ceremony there. First time to fly with inaugural flight..this memory will not be erased from heart...hahaha..thanks Ikman..nice to meet you here..really not sempat to get you Cikgu.. This is from my Blackberry spotting..sorry lah..heheh
  8. Same news (Cerita kedai Kopi) what i heard from my cousin from KIA before this news published at BH today.
  9. I asked him and he didn't know about this and did not send to Utusan for published. Where they got it..?
  10. Can't wait 15 Jan 2011, my first Firefly trip to KCH.
  11. Hahaha...i also want to meet both of you guys...
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