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  1. Ever since I've been here I've read quite a few good comments, observations and criticisms and it doesn't really matter whether you agree with it or not but the one above is rather poor I thought. Even a little pathetic maybe...
  2. That's the Dumas holding area, I believe an A330 was doing a flight test at the time.
  3. For the last few years MH pilots have been trained to be "Go Around" minded rather than "I have to land" minded. Even the standard callout at approach minima has been changed from "Landing" to "Continue" to further strengthen this. It is quite common to see that many of the accidents or incidents that happened during approach could've been avoided if only the crew had decided to Go around rather than land at all cost. So all in all I thought the Captain's decision was absolutely correct.
  4. Something like having the Penguins from Madagascar 2 flying the plane.
  5. After all the hype about bigger windows it really doesn't look that much bigger from the ones found on other aircrafts.
  6. "Bad weather" is such a subjective word. Looking at the Met report at the time of the accident there was nothing to stop the aircraft from going. Anyways it's always easier to say what they should or shouldn't do with hindsight and in the comfort of our own home.
  7. I think you are mistaken there as it is impossible for an aircraft to slow down before touchdown as the result would be the dreaded stall. For the ops into TWU, the maximum landing weight for the 734 was reduced for the runway thus ensuring a slower approach speed. Otherwise it will be similar to the approach speed for a landing on a longer runway. The 734 ops into TWU was indeed very safe because of all the precautions taken. Its a Captain's only sector ( including take-offs) and a Captain must be qualified and rated for TWU ops. For the rating he must go through training and practice landings in the simulator and then fly a couple of sectors into TWU with an instructor/ Authorized Examiner. Its also a daylight only operations and at the slightest sign of rain, the flight will be delayed, diverted or even cancelled. What's the point to all this aggravation then, you may ask? Multiple day nightstops in BKI of course.
  8. Nothing close like the airports mentioned but locally the old Tawau airport was quite tricky during its days especially for a B737-400. For runway 17 you have to fly manually between two hills ( one of them is called Outer Marker Hill if I remember correctly) then a short line up into finals and land on a short and just wide enough runway with full maximum autobrakes and maximum reverse. No nice smooth touchdown here as a nice solid "thump" is required and to be fair to the Tawau folks they were very understanding.
  9. KLIA needs better air traffic controlling rather than a third runway, some would say although to be fair it has improve somewhat recently.
  10. Get over it bro, MH will not be getting the 787 no matter now much you theorize, speculate, complain etc. Chill
  11. My only concern is the duty period for the pilots, 18 hours with multiple sectors surely is more than their Flight Time Limitations allow?
  12. Don't forget, ticket price must still be lower or comparable to AK.
  13. Follow me truck is more for low visibility condition rather than heavy snow.
  14. For a flight of the same duration, the A330 will easily burn 1000kg less fuel per hour than the B777. So it does not make sense for MH to replace the A330 with the B777. For the long haul flights ( 10 hours or more ) the present B772 fleet is more than sufficient. For those asking MH to get the B748, you are making no sense at all. Why get it when the A380 is definitely coming? To confirm the matter regarding refurbishing the present fleet of A330's, the matter was considered but the weight increase that will result makes the decision not feasible. IMHO the decision to get the A330 is a pretty good one for now and the near future.
  15. Why don't they just try doing something totally different and maybe wacky by using their transports ( C130 or maybe the old Caribou's) for the aerobatic team. Maybe even a helicopter aerobatic team, that'll be something.
  16. Just curious, how do you know that MH hasn't made up their mind on the interiors yet? From what I gather they have been sending people to Hamburg for the past few years to work on it.
  17. A mistake was made but was corrected appropriately, nothing much to get too excited about.
  18. LIMA is coming, maybe something will be announced then.
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