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  1. Yes, I'd agree that MYY-SIN would work more like a feeder route to SIA's network, and that the O&D point-to-point pax is low. But it wasn't always the case when AK was the sole operator of the route. I've known people flying to SIN on AK just to catch a flight ex-SIN on a separate ticket. This is now in the past after TR joined the foray and changed the dynamics (ie. how travellers plan their flight plan). But what I forgot to point out in my last comment was - the yields for MYY-SIN could be rather thin that it only allows 1 airline to survive, but I absolutely disagree that this route has 'death notice written all over'. However, SBW-SIN is a different case: it does have death notice written all over.
  2. Hm... I might be biased (since I live in Miri myself) but I beg to differ. If it was doomed to fail, AK, being a company that is for-profit only, would not have increased MYY-SIN from x4 weekly to 1 daily in December 2017. This was only paused during COVID. Heck, this was also part of the reason, I believe, that MH had to drop MYY-KCH-SIN routing (which existed since MH dropped BKI-KCH-SIN and moved BKI service to MYY) in 2018 due to AK's low pricing, at roughly ~RM170 one-way, even cheaper than MYY-JHB-MYY. TR is going strong in MYY-SIN sector is because they have an extensive network in SIN (which AK didn't really have since AK didn't allow Fly-Thru service to other destinations in its AirAsia Group network from SIN), allowing pax from around MYY to connect easily to other TR destinations or SQ. The pricing of TR ex-MYY is extremely enticing, at ~RM90 at times. The timing of TR at MYY also easily allows for red-eye connections from SIN, which I believe TR is aiming for. Loads from MYY is good as far as I know. This had impacted AK, reducing their loads to only ~69% on average even after frequency reduction from x5 to x4 weekly after re-instating post-COVID. If it is doomed to fail from day one in MYY, then MYY-SIN sector would've been gone not long after it was introduced in the early 2010s, much like MYY-MNL and MYY-PNK. Introduction of E2s to Sarawakian destinations makes very good sense imo, where they can opt for frequency but not seats since most pax are connecting passengers (whether on the same tix or not). Of course, CNY and other important festivals are a different story.
  3. FYI, MYY was upgraded to x3 weekly since early 2023, though TR being TR, they kept on changing the flight times.
  4. Update January 2018 (new ones are bolded):- Malaysia Airlines MH F50, B734, B738, A333, A388 MASwings M- ATR72-500, ATR72-600, DHC-6 AirAsia AK B733, A320 AirAsia X A333 Singapore Airlines SQ A388 Silk Air MI A319 Royal Brunei Airlines BI B77E Dragonair KA A333 HongKong Airlines HX A320 Qantas QF B744 KLM/KLM Cityhopper KL E190, B77W British Airways BA A319, A320, A321, B77E, B77W, B789 Tiger Airways TR A320 Xiamen Airlines MF B737 Aegen Airlines A3 A321 Olympic Air OA A320 easyJet U2 A320 Ryanair FR B738 Monarch Airlines ZB A321 Air Canada AC B77W Lufthansa/Lufthansa CityLine LH/CL E190, B744
  5. MASwings will still be here, at least in MYY for the much needed RAS operations. Sadly, era of RAS in Sarawak is not over yet. We will still see much Twin Otters in MYY, and a little presence in KCH. Most people would much prefer driving as well, but many STOLports are located at Sarawak-Kalimantan border (eg. Bario, Ba'kelalan, Long Akah etc.) and these are hardly accessible by roads (at least currently, since the cost is way too high for the state to bear, or maybe the top brass can't get enough $ out of it? =X), nor express boats.
  6. I couldn't understand it too. Often travel on MH MYY-KCH vv. and the tickets are still cheaper than MASwings when you include taxes. If they're removing BKI-MYY, I'm not sure if they will remove BKI-LBU-MYY as there are few flights daily too, and the loads were bad, at least from my memory. I think most travel on MASwings only when AK times for BKI-MYY (1-2 daily) doesn't suit them. You're right about KCH-MYY. Loads are almost always exceptionally good if you compare it with other routes. I stay in both Miri and Kuching, so I travel between the 2 very often. Flights, no matter MH, AK or MASwings, are more than 80% full, MASwings flight can be 100% full, even on weekdays. Bought ~RM800 KCH-MYY-BBN vv. a while ago. Also bought KCH-KUL-PER with half that price before on AK/D7. There were plans by both Sarawak/Sabah Gomen to do so. But plans will remain as plans, never to materialise. Can we see CS series here in the future? May TF will lease the rumoured CS300 and base it in KCH/MYY/BKI? (wishful thinking)
  7. Source: https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2017/11/08/maswings-to-cease-operations-for-six-routes-by-2018/ Summary:- MASwings will discontinue 6 routes by 2018 to give way to commercial airlines (ie. MH, AK, OD), after a study by MAVCOM. Gomen will consider airlines that apply for Sarawak/Sabah RAS operations. Said routes are: 1. BKI-SDK 2. BKI-TWU 3. BKI-MYY 4. KCH-MYY 5. KCH-BKI 6. KCH-MYY This might also explain, for example, the sudden surge of KCH-MYY flights by AK from 17 weekly to 29 weekly effective 26 Dec 2017. Can't find edit button. Apologies, this should be KCH-SBW.
  8. Ah yes, thanks for clarification! I always doubt it could really handle it. By the way, my claim on Gate 9 being A380-ready is from DCA's 2007 AIP Supplement for KCH: http://aip.dca.gov.my/aip%20pdf%20new/AIP%20SUPP/AIPSUPP%20200725%20wbgg.pdf
  9. Gate 9 of KCH is also A380-ready. However, I doubt the taxiways have shoulders wide enough for A380 movement. Not sure about the PCN strength of the runways too. Brunei's Sultan Bolkiah also visited KCH with his new B748i BBJ to pay respects to late CM Adenan last year.
  10. If I'm not mistaken, MH used to fly to FUK?
  11. I remember Sarawak CM said that route will come true before Feb, i think aiming for CNY
  12. I remember they flew PEN-HDY. Not sure about SZB though, probably they did too
  13. This was on local newspaper 2 months ago, with Xpress Air's people visitng our ministers about the matter. The news article mentioned that this route will start after MKZ-Bandung. http://www.theborneopost.com/2017/08/24/indonesias-xpress-air-to-fly-miri-pontianak-route/ The article has some wrong info though.
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