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  1. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/mobile/asiapacific/malaysian-carrier-makes/1450762.html | slow decompression happen enroute new delhi to kul
  2. Yes, they already discontinue of Weekend Uniform. Rumours said, they will relaunch that weekend uniform back after some updates .
  3. AirAsia X to JED as well as MH only for certain flights and I guess only for Hajj/ Umra flights only.
  4. Saw in their FB page that they are now recruting CABIN CREW for female and male. At the bottom Of the advertisment, they put that hijab female are encourage to apply. I believe their uniform will be more to islamic concept. Female with hijab and maybe first airlines in Malaysia with Hijab stewardess.
  5. As per news , full rehearsal now using 9M-MPP(Putrajaya) . The remains from AMS will using which 744 MH?
  6. For AK, the tested flight was on 9M-AFF
  7. I have one question come across regarding this on board wifi. Just curious about wifi connection will make hackers easier to hack the aircraft system on board?
  8. Hi, just passed by KLIA today around 1420hrs and saw virgin flight with red font and white background on final approach to KUL. Can anyone confirm this? Is it Virgin Atlantic or Virgin Australia? Are they coming to KUL or the aircraft has been diverted from others station?
  9. My aunty went to JED by Flynas and during the outbound flight from KUL, the pax load was only 30% . Their JED-KUL flight also delayed for 8 hours and only provided by sandwhich n mineral water. I guess they retimed the flight just because of light load to kul and vice versa
  10. Refurbish an airline not only depends on the name, indeed, changing the name will only put more cost on repainting, new uniform n etc. but anyway, i attracted toRoyal Malaysian Airways(RMA)
  11. Friend of mine one the crew operated for AirAlgerie as D7 crew. They using A330 instead of A340. Luckily they all safe. As per him, they just meet the ill-fated crew at hotel's lobby before they leave for AH5507. They said aircraft was leased by swift air for Air Algerie. Pray and thoughts for them. Regarding to your question, D7 leased one of their A330 wih 2 or 4 set of crew if not mistaken.
  12. I just curious why OD do not offer jet services to KBR,AOR,TGG, and JHB? Are these airport not support for B739ER ? For my opinion, they should put a few flight slots for jet as well. So pax from other connecting flight either from JT or OD or even others airlines are easily can have transfer to their next destinations at KUL.
  13. Wow, Pak Rusdi more agressive in opening new hub. All the best lion group
  14. It is good for AirAsia to reopen AirAsia Singapore. More space for AirAsia group.
  15. Exactly, totally agreed with you. From outside it looked great, but when stepped inside, its very bad. The target for MAHB is green airport environment, but in klia2, its totally different. Narrow walkway, bad lighting, not user friendly for elderly and disable and poor in signage and less variety of foods when u are inside the departure hall
  16. Certain gates only got waiting hall outside. As per my experiences in both gate K and L, only few seats available outside and not enough seat inside the hall. MAHB should consider other way to improve it. They spend more, but with bad result. If you coming from gate L13, u can see there is a lot of unused space when u walking towards the aerobridge. No seats at all.
  17. Do you notice, the number of seats in waiting hall at klia2 is not enough and cannot accommodate pax up to 180 (full load of AK).
  18. But i guess, all the nearby land in kbr is belong to MAHB and i don't think that they will give permission to build a new terminal just to compete with them. Haha. Malaysian typical politician. Haha.
  19. Talked about airport upgrading, KBR also needs an airport upgrades as well. Last time when TF planned to make KBR as hub for AK, MAHB only want to provide them a cabin ( construction cabin) to be AK's office (based on gossip from AK friend). That's why KBR was cancel to become AK hub in east cost.
  20. Still MH got their own fans and unbelievable the ticket already sold out. Hehe.
  21. I have Checked randomly on Raya flight for KUL/SZB - KBR , all fares quite expesive and frequencies very good, 9 flights by AirAsia, 9 flights by MalindoAir and 12 flights by Firefly, none from Malaysia Airlines. Why no departure from KUL for MH? All transferred to FY only? Feel free to share flight frequencies for any Malaysia hotspot destinations during this festive .
  22. Ic, thats why their aircraft livery look alike AK. Sad story for AK bcoz can't expand their wings to Vietnam.
  23. So its purposesly launch for AirAsia Vietnam? Then what happen to them failed in JV?
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