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  1. Was on a flight to DMK recently, only a cup of water was served..not even a 2nd cup! The Batik Air aircraft was not even fitted with IFE screen.
  2. What an international airline??? MAS now only has 2 ticketing offices, it is either in KL Sentral or KLIA..
  3. Almost 6 hours on 738 will be a bit tough, given the leg room!
  4. Poor man like me was on Y class not J class like Mr. Arthur Sir :clapping:Even no salt and pepper sachets to go with your omelette and sausage! Even a cup of hot coffee is hard on-board nowadays 'Due to weather conditions we can't serve hot drinks' is very common over the PA system on board. Same with EK - plenty of cup noodles outside the normal meals hours.
  5. He should go onboard the longhaul flights and try the food himself - It sucks! Timing of meals are also crazy. Was on a flight to AKL recently which is 10.5 hours. Breakfast served about 1.5 hours upon takeoff from KL at 9.15 am and dinner was served about 2 hours before landing in AKL. No snacks in between , have to beg a cabin crew for some biscuits!
  6. Confirmed you need to deboard and pass thru security and reboard in Xiamen. Took Xiamen Air flight KUL- Hangzhou transiting in Xiamen. It was a hassle, you can't check in all the way to Hangzhou at KLIA nor can you check in online!
  7. Was on board in Biz Class 2 EK A380 flights last week. First flight from BCN to Dubai and second Dubai to KL and you can feel the differences in the level of services between Europe and Asia sectors. For the BCN-Dubai leg flight time which was only 6 hours plus, Bvlgari amenity kits were given, 'his' for males and 'her' for ladies and the crew goes around taking drinks order regularly and offer to line your flat bed seat with mattress so that you can be comfortable without even been ask, the crew was top notch! . In the Dubai - KL leg, service level was opposite, no amenity kits were given for a 7 hours plus flight time, drinks round irregular, only provide mattress if you request for them, desserts accompanying the 'light bites' meal before landing were not served unless you request for it. When I asked for lip balm due to dryness of the lips from a member of the crew, I was told we don't carrry them on board, not even on Biz class, it was a bit shock!
  8. What to do?, being parked at a remote bay plus extremely cold weather ! Most of the time Air China has the tendency to park at remote bays far from the main terminal and you are bus to your flight. The flight was only 50% full and most has 2 or 4 seats to themselves since it was a A330 and almost all were able to lay down and rest. I guess the cold weather and crew 'smartness' in serving dinner and switching on the IFE saved the day! Imagine the crew even conducted inflight duty free sale on ground but no one bothers. Would have been havoc if the weather was hot.
  9. I was kept in the plane on the ground for 13 hours on a Air China flight in Beijing in Nov '15 during the height of the snow. Explanation is we cannot de plane or we will miss the deicing and 1st available take off slot but dinner were served while on ground and plenty of drinks round by the crew. For once I appreciated that I have travel insurance and was able to claim for the delay.
  10. Also the captain of the 1st EK A380 flight to KL was a Malaysian too.
  11. The Boss needs $$$$ now - http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/malaysia/article/airasia-boss-begins-buyout-talks-as-share-fall-puts-loans-at-risk
  12. The goons at MAB should watch Ultimate Airport Dubai on National Geo. Just amazing how things are done there.
  13. Which class? In Eco the free meal is only 2 pieces of biscuits and 1 cup of water! Eco Promo also do not get Malindo Miles
  14. The A333 is much more comfortable than the aging B777. Unfortunately I booked my AKL flight for coming Nov with Emirates thru MEL. Even though there is 6 hours lay over in MEL, the fare was much cheaper than MAS at the time of booking and the MEL-AKL leg is on A380. Since we are not pressed for time the savings was worth it in a way!
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