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  1. wah ah ong :clapping: ...............
  2. congratulations BOB ........ KPF !!!!!!!!
  3. damm........ so good till i am out of vocabulary .......... awesome Azahan :clapping:
  4. SKYTEAM !!!!! i want to go KUL
  5. wah flowers , like the tail of garuda also ........ thanks for sharing uncle norman
  6. CI 50th anniversary was at KUL today, saw it when i was on the way back to BKI
  7. correct me if i am wrong, ak, or Airasia Malaysia now operates only airbus a320. again, i maybe wrong ..... but anyhow, another excuse for shooting another ak bird
  8. the oldest bird of ak has a new livery ....... thanks capt radzi for the shots
  9. my first glimps of papua new guinea's traffic :good: , thanks for sharing
  10. MIR, awesome photos u got there , Tat Garuda new livery simply awesome, and the row of OZ , awesome
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