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  1. wah ah ong :clapping: ...............
  2. congratulations BOB ........ KPF !!!!!!!!
  3. damm........ so good till i am out of vocabulary .......... awesome Azahan :clapping:
  4. SKYTEAM !!!!! i want to go KUL
  5. wah flowers , like the tail of garuda also ........ thanks for sharing uncle norman
  6. CI 50th anniversary was at KUL today, saw it when i was on the way back to BKI
  7. correct me if i am wrong, ak, or Airasia Malaysia now operates only airbus a320. again, i maybe wrong ..... but anyhow, another excuse for shooting another ak bird
  8. the oldest bird of ak has a new livery ....... thanks capt radzi for the shots
  9. my first glimps of papua new guinea's traffic :good: , thanks for sharing
  10. MIR, awesome photos u got there , Tat Garuda new livery simply awesome, and the row of OZ , awesome
  11. wat an awesome picture of the korean queen :clapping:
  12. stunning photos! cornelis :clapping: traffics are so nice
  13. ah ong ar, nice shots , sorry not to have meet u at KK
  14. wow will have shenzhen
  15. hi sakai-san, yeah it's been a while, sorry to say but now i am currently back at the state of Sabah. But do enjoy ur next trip to KUL, hope to see u again in the future
  16. i am not too sure, it is called propeller feathering??
  17. continue with more shots : mh romeo oscar 14R departure ak foxtrot golf operated by MartinAir Xiamen :yahoo:
  18. it was a fun packed day of gathering, and spotting. The best of all, there are some special traffic yesterday . I would like to take this opportunity again to wish happy anniversay to MW, hope that this community remains as the ground for all aviation lover especially in Malaysia. to greet us, raiders , my first time catching her KE cargo, unfortunately had to shoot her from inside the car due to some disturbance Gulf 77W, sorry backlit Thai PenCILLLL Vietnam this one got everyone so excited, my first time catching her as usual, the flying bank dedicated to all sabah MWinger, sumazau mh be inspired................... :rolleyes: and this is rare, chance of happening again are small , with the model bought to KUL, the real thing actually came
  19. awesome pictures guys , just woke up, yet to edit my pictures ...........
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