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  1. Add on to what Kian Hong had posted. Southern Air operating for MAS Cargo Junior Jet Club Bo Rocks! Thanks Chaity, Keith, Wilson for accompany KH and me. Also thanks those who meet up for the wonderful dinner.
  2. Pictures from 25/4/2010..... JAL Silver Bullet.....JA632J CX Silver Bullet coming back to previous homebase.....B-HKS (ex SQ 9V-SPC) Thanks CX for sending in new 77W, B-KPQ, with new Asia's World City logo.....only delivered to CX on 19/04/2010. From 29/4/2010 P2-ANA coming in 10 mins earlier from Port Moresby. Thanks...
  3. Thanks Kian Hong for informing me about this... It's ok to use our pictures for FREE...but please do it in a professional way, at least ask 1st. Well, i guess people in "certain airline" are just uneducated about copyright. No need to waste time on such unprofessional person. They will only realise once they have things stolen by other people.
  4. AirAsia 9M-AFM "Datuk Pahamin" came in 1/2 around 1pm... anyone got a shot of her?
  5. Kian Hong...nice pics...esp those shot with 400mm. He was half dead on 31/1 until PANDA came in, PANDA is a much better remedy for him than redbull or Singapore girl... A6-COM came in on 28/1 From today 1/2... quite rare for the evening Curry Express to come in ontime. EVA B744CF from Taipei. Etihad finally land on rwy 02L...
  6. Some pictures to share... From today... N720AS Challenger Air France today is operated by F-GSQJ, now in new colour. To add on to Kian Hong's pictures from 13/1 spotting... BA15 operated by G-BNLO, with "face to face" sticker. C-GSGU long way from home... Thanks for viewing...
  7. Some pics to share from 15 & 16 Aug spotting Chaity by the lakeside snapping my flight from SIN. Sorry for the bad quality. 15/8, KLM smoky touch down. 16/8, SV smoky landing. Coming back from London STN. Raiders back from Tianjin.
  8. Now Air Niugini scheduled flight to KUL using B767 instead of B757, and changed from Wed to Thur. Liew, The flight PX397 should be delayed as it is scheduled to arrive and depart around midnight. PX397 is SIN-KUL-POM
  9. For Fokker lovers... All pictures taken from Kavieng Airport (KVG) P2-ANQ landing on runway 30 from POM via RAB. P2-ANC 50 minutes delay arrival from POM via RAB. Short final runway 12. Local time 6.15pm. Dedicated to Azahan...King of nose shots. A series of pictures for PX271 to POM Ready to depart. KVG terminal is about the same size as the old Bintulu Airport. Enter into runway. Rotation runway 30. Banking left for POM. Last but not least...ah moi picture for JonKong...who cherish ah moi more than planes Hope u guys enjoy...
  10. Some more from POM Air Niugini B757-200 with winglet (P2-ANB), very smart looking. On its way to Brisbane as PX005/QF312. Air Niugini B767-300 (P2-ANA) parked at gate 3, flight PX392 to Singapore. Asia Pacific Airlines Dash 8-100
  11. Yes, i got PX B757-200 with winglet, still processing the pic now. I did stay overnight at Port Moresby, not all area are unsafe, only certain area are really unsafe. I didn't go out at night, night time is the worst. Jon, As per requested, from Kavieng Airport (KVG) Air Niugini F-100 P2-ANC and Pacific Helicopter P2-PHY From Port Moresby Jacksons Airport (POM) Air Niugini F100 P2-ANH, the only 1 out of 6 F100 that is in light green instead of the normal white. From Rabaul Tokua Airport (RAB) Heavylift Twin Otter.
  12. From Port Moresby Jacksons Airport Air Niugini Dash-8-200 Air Niugini Dash-8-300 Air Niugini Fokker 100 Airlines PNG Dash-8-100
  13. Jetstar Australia sent in Seaworld special colour VH-VQQ yesterday JQ 57 from Cairns via Darwin.
  14. Thanks Kevin for calling me for the KPF info and also many thanks to Sneeze. For all "Asia World City" colour scheme lovers..... CX 739 from HKG, arriving 22 minutes earlier in heavy rain. Such is life..... If KPF arrives ontime......it would have good light..... Departing back to Hong Kong as CX 734, as u can see from the picture.....light is bad. For Sneeze, JX 702 from Hong Kong. Quite surprised to see her back in the air. Hope you guys enjoy....
  15. Hoe Jyh, Nice shot of Air Koryo, so classic Went spotting yesterday. Very surprised to see TNT sent in its B744F in Emirates SkyCargo colour
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