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  1. Hi Guys, I noticed Xiamen Airlines has been doing several flights from SZX lately, I thought our border is still closed? Or is it COVID-19 related? And also as at the end of May 30, MH432 had been doing KUL-BKI-HKG route utilising A333.
  2. Possibility that Singaporeans might also use JB as springboard to elsewhere in the region including to BKI.
  3. https://www.nst.com.my/news/nation/2019/12/544412/singapores-scoot-launches-direct-flight-kk "KKIA has registered an increase of 23 per cent in passenger movement for the KK-Singapore sector between January and October compared to same period last year."
  4. Or perhaps just re-channel the RAS subsidy towards improving the land and water connection instead.
  5. I'd flown KUL-SIN-TAS. From my observation, seems like there are lots of Uzbek students study in Malaysia. Likewise, Malaysia is quite known as the place for study, leisure and stopover to Australia. Uzbekistan too is becoming a preferred alternative tourism destination as compared with Turkey, or Middle East. It is still not overwhelmed with tourists. On a side note, while we visited Uzbekistan as part of a tour group, a young lady member of our group sort of befriended an Uzbek while on tour in Bukhara. Many months later, the supposedly Uzbek friend met the lady back in Sabah. The circumstance of the reunion were funny and peculiar though. The lady's aunt told how the Uzbek man suddenly showed up in front of their house in KK and judging by the aunt reaction, the aunt got a bit panicked. I was surprised too, and that got me thinking how on earth the guy flown thousands of miles just to meet that lady again. And turns out he even had the intention to marry her and move to Perth, Australia!
  6. Really? I thought 16-30 C is already warm for them...though for me at least that is A/C temperature setting in our house. A321XLR should enable AK to go for thinner Russian Far East market at Vladivostok and Khabarovsk...(trying to get us on-topic again)...
  7. Any of you can enlighten us where or which channel passengers could have filed their complaints during the pre-MAVCOM era?
  8. I agree, but government would also do not want to lose money on existing infra (i.e. PEN) if KXP does indeed succeed, so the ball is on Penang government to keep the competition up.
  9. In tropical humidity and heat? Maybe 787s and A350s (composite aircrafts) would be OK...
  10. Just my opinion, the colour of those seats kinda match with MH logo in a way...
  11. Great news! more options for BKI-SDK route...though dont know if it is sustainable. I have been shuttling between both cities for the past several weeks now, mostly on flights, the rest were driving. I can say is that in flights, there are quite substantial tourist traffic (mostly caucasian looking passengers - could be from Europe, Australia or North America) to Sandakan. I say it takes 2-3 hours door-to-door if you take flight. 6-7 hours if driving. I am all for improved highway conditions, if Pan Borneo Highway project can reduce driving time from current 6-7 hours to just 3.5-4 hours, that would be awesome! Flights are justifiable if ticket price roughly equals total petrol cost of driving to Sandakan. Last June, I paid RM68 one-way (with 15kg luggage price included) for AK flight back to BKI. A similar trip by driving only cost me RM66 (and my car still have spare petrol for further town driving for the next 3-4 days)... If highway is improved to within 4 hours driving time between both cities, then that would be serious impact for airlines...
  12. My small contribution to the plane spotting thread A330neo by KKSpotterGuy, on Flickr B773 by KKSpotterGuy, on Flickr A332 VMY2020 by KKSpotterGuy, on Flickr 9M-MXA by KKSpotterGuy, on Flickr Still holding great there with that retro livery! From Anjung Tinjau by KKSpotterGuy, on Flickr From Anjung Tinjau by KKSpotterGuy, on Flickr From Anjung Tinjau by KKSpotterGuy, on Flickr A359 by KKSpotterGuy, on Flickr From Anjung Tinjau by KKSpotterGuy, on Flickr
  13. Alif A. F.


    Thanks! I am not sure why Indigo crew does that...
  14. Alif A. F.


    I did some brief spotting activity while waiting for my flight back to BKI yesterday. Spotting at KLIA2 (KUL-WMKK) by KKSpotterGuy, on Flickr Spotting at KLIA2 (KUL-WMKK) by KKSpotterGuy, on Flickr Spotting at KLIA2 (KUL-WMKK) by KKSpotterGuy, on Flickr Spotting at KLIA2 (KUL-WMKK) by KKSpotterGuy, on Flickr Spotting at KLIA2 (KUL-WMKK) by KKSpotterGuy, on Flickr Spotting at KLIA2 (KUL-WMKK) by KKSpotterGuy, on Flickr Spotting at KLIA2 (KUL-WMKK) by KKSpotterGuy, on Flickr Spotting at KLIA2 (KUL-WMKK) by KKSpotterGuy, on Flickr Spotting at KLIA2 (KUL-WMKK) by KKSpotterGuy, on Flickr
  15. Somebody should publish a documentary about history of klia including klia2 with unbiased viewpoints from all stakeholders involved.
  16. https://www.facebook.com/7NEWSPerth/videos/2380360282251165/ Is this the new luggage and body scanners that you all talking about? If proven efficient, MAHB should invests in these at all major airports in the country!
  17. Have you all seen Falcon Heavy launch last week? The sight of all rocket boosters returning to the ground (via controlled landings) is impressive! The cost of logistics to outer space would be cheaper with private entrants like SpaceX and Stratolaunch.
  18. Note - subscription article: https://www.ch-aviation.com/portal/news/76534-malaysias-airasia-starts-talks-over-mrj-order
  19. Any proposal to build a new airport in Kulim should not discount Penang in the discussion. From what I can observe: No concrete decision yet on the future of Penang airport. Northern peninsular aviation market will be split even further if Kulim airport materialises (we already have LGK, AOR and even IPH which Perak government views as in need for improved/new facility). I am not sure how airlines react to this. For a population of around 6 million+ within radius of 150km from PEN, the regional connectivity is relatively quite good compared with other regional airports in the country. And supplemented by networks of expressways and ETS which links the region to Thailand and southern peninsular towards Singapore. So, I think Kulim Airport management will naturally leverage on this, but will find Penang as the immediate competition, despite what Minister of Economic Affairs say otherwise. There is no airline that primarily makes northern Peninsular as primary hub so Kulim Airport need to work hard to attract airlines to land there.
  20. Should mention that Borneo Airways amalgamated with Malaysian Airways to form MSA... and the rest is history...
  21. "Malaysia Airlines, established in 1972 after it split from Singapore Airlines Ltd.,..." I think should be rewritten as "established in 1972 as one of the two national carriers resulted from Malaysia-Singapore Airlines split, the other being Singapore Airlines Ltd..."
  22. Should convey this message to Khazanah folks, but I guess MAS BoD would have advise them about this...
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