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  1. CNN just reported people are getting frustrated since press conference reveal no new update. A scenario depicts a inefficient government........
  2. It doesnt surprise many of us at all after all the survival of MH is on tax payers' expense.
  3. This incidence marks another true revelation of a poor management and inefficiencies of and outdated government of which the local media is not allowed to criticise.
  4. The structures look cheap, likely to be another cheap workmanship construction just like the KKIA T1.
  5. MH is not expected to make money with government intervention. Practically, it's sensible to say that in order for a multinational company to survive and profitable, it requires accountability, good governance and transparency. How do you expect MH to make money when the current government is silent on corruption, power abuse and discrimination?
  6. With the continuing retained losses and latest poor financial situation, MH can forget with its fleet renewal plan. This is impossible as any financial institutions are unlikely to finance such purchase. As such any decision will only involve government intervention at the expense of tax payers' money.
  7. With the emerging airlines such as Emirates, Qatar, Etihad and so on, MH will soon vanish from being one of the top airlines should the management fail to improve the service.
  8. Pok ros is good at nothing but her extravaganza spending at the peoples' expense......
  9. Forget it, this nation is full of people who knows how to promise. In the past, millions are gone by the previous management without the need to pay back. It remain doubtful the national airline can be profitable as the leaders of this boleh land continues to remain as corrupt as never been before......
  10. Those moron or sucker is only good of empty talk than delivering, years of delay and yet the airport construction work still not yet 100% completed at this moment. Different contractor is now in charge of the project, not to mention the pending legal suit from Global Upline Sdn Bhd. A single runway by 2056 is a laughing matter for others. Should anyone believe this moron who are good at giving illusion than turning thing into reality, I guess it's as good as telling others that elephant does fly like a bird.
  11. Seems unlikely MH is going to take advantage of this early slot. In the past, management is stubborn enough to adapt to changes and this trend is expected to continue.....
  12. Exactly, history has proven how inefficient of the bad planning of the management. By looking at past record, this aircraft is expected to be around for another 10-15 years of which by then should be considered outdated when the A350xwb and B777X are in service. These aircraft are far more fuel efficient than the A33E, considering of the high fuel price of more than $100. Besides, tight cash flow which may be one of the biggest constraint, the management simply is incapable of turning the airline into profitability. The survival of the airline depends solely on the funding from the tax payer's $. MH is thus outdated and the model is will gradually obsolete should the management continue to remain stubborn. Other factor counts in, the stupidity of the government in power, which continue to fund the airlines thus making it relying it on the 'free money' .
  13. MH is far lacking in long term planning. With government influence and interference, it is not going anywhere and head to head competing with world premium airlines such as EK, SQ, CX etc. It's a great shame that MH has been relying on government aid, and the latest by way of Sukuk, at tax payer expense. The national airlines is thus unable to progress with those corrupted government around.
  14. History reveals that inefficiencies in MH management. For instance, fleet renewal only comes in when the aircraft is in urgent replacement. By looking at the past trend, management only decide fleet renewal when the aircraft has been in the service for around 15 years. In the next 5 years most airlines will be operating the B737 max/ A320 neo, B787/ A350 xwb. Needless to say that these aircraft is far more fuel efficient than the fleet that MH operates. The management is slow in responding to environment changes. Not to mention that MH is often locked in situation to serve national interest / politician interest vs profitable objectives. Routes often pulled out are reinstated at the later stage with political influence. Thus, it is fair to conclude that it is by no way that MH can be efficient and profitable by operating in this intense competition environment.
  15. This delay in deciding which model deem fit the airline is by no surprise, could be due to MH's tight financial cash flow as the financial is going no where. Further delay proves more costly to MH.
  16. By no surprise, anything can happen in this boleh land when those corrupted idiots are still in power, or you may call it tyranny rule. Previously, I heard few Maswings were also given the same treatment when they express theirs dissatisfaction on the management.
  17. Will this decision influence by political reason for a possible cover up of the sub marine deal?
  18. While MH financial still in red, a decision for wide body long range aircraft is very unlikely in the short term. With government interference, MH is incapable of 100% free from national service. Those previously axed route are reinstate for the government interest not withstanding that it may be profitable or otherwise.
  19. No 3? This moron must be a dreamer....well can't blame him....one a wicker liar always a liar
  20. Few weeks ago, the all inclusive return fare from BKI-HKG-BKI was less than RM500.
  21. Extracted from HK Express website: In late 2012, the shareholders of Hong Kong Express commenced a feasibility study into creating Hong Kong’s first true low cost airline (LCC) and with the announcement on 26 June 2013, the transformation of Hong Kong Express into an LCC officially commenced. Focusing on low fares and on-time reliability, Hong Kong Express will bring true competition to the Hong Kong market and surrounding region. A completely separate management team was formed from the existing Hong Kong Express management team and LCC professionals recruited from both Hong Kong and around the LCC services will commence on 27thOctober 2013. Hong Kong Express will operate an initial fleet of five Airbus A320 aircrafts with seating for up to 174 guests. As our list of destinations grows, the fleet is planned to grow to over 30 Airbus A320’s by 2018 , operating one of the world’s youngest fleets and bringing even greater choice to Hong Kong and Asia travellers.
  22. The ageing fleet need urgent replacement but the government only made an announcement to renew the fleet by early 2013. On average, MASwings current DHC6 is approximately 30 years old. What took the government so long to decide on this replacement? Has the government fail to prioritize or sideline the need of the rural folks?
  23. Can the ATR 72 flies that far?
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