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  1. Ok, that's interesting to know... so if one doesn't check in online, there is still a way to avoid the counter check in fee by doing self check-in at the airport? I thought AirAsia is trying to get rid of these self check-in kiosks too when they introduce the counter check in charges a little while ago. This is what Ryanair does, and online check in closes 4 HOURS before STD.
  2. Is this a good move? Hmm. Does this mean AirAsia has its own self check-in kiosks at Changi? I thought AirAsia now only offers online/mobile check in and counter check-in, the latter attracts a fee on the domestic flights.
  3. Poor KCH.... interestingly there is no increase in the airport tax for Intra-Borneo flights (e.g. KCH-PNK, BKI-BWN). It is still RM26. It takes more than just RM13 airport tax increase to kill off international route from KCH, there is just not enough demand...
  4. That's what I have been telling them for weeks, they left it too late and now all the flights departing around the same time as my cancelled flight are full. There were still some seats available yesterday but I can never get hold of Firefly when I try to call.
  5. I booked the KUL-KCH flight with Firefly in early September, just days before they stopped the jet bookings. Despite the fact that I contacted Firefly weeks ago requesting to be put on a flight with similar departure time as my cancelled Firefly flight, I was given responses like "we will get in touch with you in the next 7 working days". Last night I received an email from Malaysia Airlines confirming I have been reaccommodated to a flight departing KL 6 hours later than I intended. I'm going to miss a wedding banquet so I am not impressed... how is that going to be equivalent flight or better?!
  6. Looks like the end is near for BMI... I will miss you sorely Diamond Club.
  7. I guess your experience has been quite positive... what do you think about the multi-national crew? Out of all Middle Eastern carriers, I have only flown EK.... their crew are really a mixed bag!
  8. Hmm... interesting. Never tried them myself, but I've read quite a few reviews online and most have bad reviews in Y, particularly the cabin crew. Their ex-UK fare is always very good, in fact they just started a 3-day sale today, LON-KUL return for £429 all in (roughly RM2,100)
  9. I don't know what I should do with my Firefly booking for KUL-KCH January next year. Does anyone have a booking and been given options of either getting transferred to a MAS flight on the same day or a refund?
  10. Lufthansa has something similar too on their A319
  11. I tried checking in the flight I booked just few days ago, KUL-KCH in January 2012 and it worked! The seat is assigned automatically and I was given 2B, a middle seat! As discussed in another thread, Firefly is shutting down its jet service so I am not even sure whether the flight I just checked in is already cancelled?!
  12. Wow those are pretty detail fare info... do you by any chance know where to get the base fares for Egypt and Europe ex-KUL? MS is not well known for their service but if they are using the 77W and the fare is right I wouldn't mind giving them a try. Their 77W products seem to be very similar to TK in both J and Y.
  13. Not again?! To be honest I really have no idea how they are going to sustain the 2x weekly service with lousy connection in BWN. It is a shame they can't make it work. Feel sorry for the ground staff...
  14. Good news for East Malaysians! Hmm, BKI - KUL and KCH - KUL can't be international?! I really hope that Maswings will consider doing KCH-BWN. Even better BI should code-share with them on this sector... At the moment the 2x weekly flight operated by BI is just pathetic...
  15. Updated my profile via the email link, and the 2,000 miles were credited to my account instantly! So what can I do with 2,000 miles... I guess nothing?
  16. It is not an error fare, some of my friends did manage to get the ticket at this price but I think they are all sold out now. The seats are limited to 10,000 only. The amount of taxes is ridiculous though!
  17. Looking at the first pic it does seem like the the business class is split into two cabins, perhaps only one row after door 2. Just my guess. Personally I think both Business and Economy class cabins look really nice. I like!
  18. EK also serves Birmingham (BHX) too, which is halfway between London and Manchester, a mere 96 miles (150km) from Heathrow Glasgow and Newcastle, both served by EK are also just over 100 miles apart. EK is everywhere these days
  19. I remember when they first had the RM9 offer on JHB - KCH/BKI, the remove button disappeared mysteriously. Are they doing the same old trick again?
  20. I do hope that we get a new thread about the product and services of the new A330. As the title suggests, this thread should be about the order ... Just a thought!
  21. Oh dear, what a lame justification! The airport tax for both LCCT's at KUL and BKI is RM25, so we are only talking about a difference of ... RM27?! And out of the three international destinations served from KCH, only SIN attracts an airport tax of RM51. BWN and PNK bound flights have a reduced airport tax of RM26.
  22. I guess most people won't notice the rise or fall of fuel surcharge when buying a revenue ticket. However, it does make a difference when booking a redemption ticket. Interestingly I made a redemption booking with Thai Airways earlier this month and I noticed that their fuel surcharges have dropped. YQ for ZRH - BKK - KTM - BKK - LHR has become US$140 cheaper! I don't know why but I am definitely not complaining...
  23. I like the old fasioned seats too, as long as they are well maintained and not worn out. They don't look as sleak as the new ones but they are much more comfortable. I also find those 'new generation' slimline seats on EK/SQ A380's a little hard.
  24. To be honest I am a little disappointed with the 'new' booking system, and I still don't understand why the stopover option is only offered to those travelling between Europe and Australasia. So if I am doing LHR-KUL-DPS, I can't make a stopover in KUL using MH booking system, even the fare rules allow stopover FOC both ways. Lets hope there is another upgrade coming up soon....!
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