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  1. HND slots are awarded by Japan MOT (or their equivalent). But the cherry from the Japanese government is HND's daytime slot. Those daytime slots were done through government to government negotiations. HND daytime slots are awarded in pair - one for a Japanese carrier to fly to that recipient country and one slot for the recipient's airline to HND. I can't imagine Japanese carriers lobbying for their government to allow them to fly to IST or CPH/ARN from ARN. Even the Swiss government couldn't wrestle one for LX. And you can clearly see some airlines just holding on to their daytime slots (06:00-21:59). Like VA's 21:55 HND-CNS. Or some US bound flights that depart at 21:45-21:50.
  2. For once, MH 88 from last night provided seamless transfer from KUL to west coast US flights at NRT. 9M-MAH turned around from MH 71 to MH 88 (departed KUL at 07:20 - perfectly timed for US west coast departures ex-NRT). And it looks like 9M-MTM went tech as well on the ground at KUL. Arrived SYD as MH140 at 04:30 and only managed to leave for TPE as MH367 at 14:00. IIRC, MH 's crew work TPE turnaround (unlike CI/BR which overnight their crew at KUL). That's one long day for crew - left at 14:00 and arrived back at 01:01.
  3. Most people aren't aware that Langkawi, like Phuket, has a distinct high and low season. December to February/March room rates at both are ridiculously high and then falls off a cliff after. I am curious what countries/airports slots did the government fail to negotiate with their counterparts (whether permanent or seasonal). Or in some cases, a better timed slot (HND comes to mind). I don't know what the current government wants. In most countries, governing with a 2/3 majority is unthinkable but yet this government wants to pander even more to the conservatives and end up pissing everyone off. They have to realize very soon that no matter how much you pander to them, you aren't them. Yes lol. And in some resorts, inclusive of island hopping tour (obviously those cost a bit more). Depends on the island resort you choose - some include unlimited snorkeling and diving at house reef but some are like Air Asia where you have to pay even for water (very cheap room rates of course) 🤣 In Kinabatangan, they are mostly inclusive of all meals and in some resorts, river cruise (dawn and dusk) as well. I think Deramakot, Tabin, and Danum are all less touristy than Kinabatangan and each offer something different (whether you want a river cruise, hiking safari, or a jeep safari).
  4. I understand the frustration of passengers getting stuck in a foreign airport but some of them need to calm down. Unless her parents are wanted by India, they are probably safe on the ground somewhere. And India isn't one of those countries that passengers can just waltz into (especially if you or one your parents have Pakistan background) and like most developing countries, require a lot of paperwork. But this doesn't excuse MH's abysmal treatment of passengers or the time it takes for them to bring them home/to their destination. I am curious if they still rebook on OAL in situations like this. That was fast! Thank you.
  5. Their route map looks very impressive for a "regional" carrier but they do have a habit of selling flights and then canceling them too. I am curious who their target market is because I've rarely seen any billboards or advertisements from them in Malaysia. Flights are cheap and comparable to Air Asia but somehow inflight drinks/meals are missing but includes 20kg luggage on their cheapest tickets. Even MH doesn't offer 20kg on their cheapest ticket.
  6. It seems like TWU-NKG is on sale (oddly enough only via certain OTA and only if you begin your journey from NKG). You can't buy the ticket if you begin your journey from TWU. Flight begins 22 JAN from TWU.
  7. Any word on 9M-MAB? It's been on the ground for 2+ months now. And our deputy finance minister just announced that we have surplus funds that they need to use by the end of the year. It's no small change. Perhaps Capt. Izham or Tony can send Ahmad Maslan a text or are they left out in the group chat?
  8. I didn't even know that the Four Points is reopening. It was a nice hotel in Sandakan when I stayed there a while ago. Semporna islands along with the Kinabatangan river lodges/safari are the only places in Malaysia that charges per person per night with single supplement that I know of. I can sort of understand Kinabatangan since the cruises are all included in the cost of accommodation. If Semporna islands are charging RM300-1200 per person per night, they better be clean and sanitary, but most of the time, they aren't. There are a few resorts on the islands that I can tell they cater exclusively to the Chinese tourists (either as day trips from Semporna or overnight stays on the island), so much so that another European couple and I felt very out of place at this island. It was very different from say 10 years ago when I went there and those islands caters mostly to locals and Europeans. I can't imagine a resort that relies 90% of their revenue from one market, because if anything happens to China, they will lose significant amount of revenue. That's if the government allows the airline to hike 200-500% during a long weekend/festive season 😅. People in Malaysia don't realize how subsidized our living is and any new taxes / subsidy removal / price increase will almost always end up in a call for government intervention. How do we promote our country? Well, we need to do damage control first. Politicians need to stop making a mountain out of a molehill on social issues like alcohol, dress code in public, concerts etc. I can't think of a single country that discusses this in parliament. And worse, even some Malaysians are confused by it and will warn tourists not to wear shorts in Langkawi or that you can't order alcohol in a restaurant or hotel for example. Europe and US are way more socially progressive than Malaysia but Middle Eastern tourists have no problem visiting those countries. Even countries like UAE/KSA is trying to portray themselves as a socially progressive country where as in reality it's not. But it's the perception that matters.
  9. I'd have thought something like SDK/TWU-PVG/CAN or BKI-NKG/HGH, a tertiary city to a primary city but a tertiary city to another tertiary city is wow. Guess Chinese must love the seafood in Tawau/Sandakan. There aren't really major resorts in either. Most island resorts fit about 20-40 rooms max, if they even have such big resorts. I saw a lot of tourists staying in Semporna too but that place is rancid. Are we expecting to see KUL-TGG/KUA/AOR completely dropped? Or maybe the new narrobody order taking over?
  10. Is there a typo on MAVCOM's October ATR bulletin? FY applied for 3 weekly TWU-NKG services? Not BKI, not PVG/CAN/HKG but from a tertiary city to another? Unless there's a spike in ocean delicacy demand in NKG that I am unaware of.
  11. Seems like MH's HND rights expired per Mavcom's latest ATR bulletin along with 7 weekly A330 seats to BNE. MH 36 must not be working out for them (MH 37 or at least MH71 with similar timing seems fine). MH 70/88 (both NRT flights) seems to be flown with A330 nowadays instead of A359. 9M-MAB has not flown since 11 September. Last flight was MH37 from HND. Anybody know what's going on with that frame? Don't they have 1 spare 738 with the delivery of 9M-MVA?
  12. Who knew there'll be a BKK-KUL redeye tonight? MH 774/775 canceled and consolidated to MH 780/781 which resulted in MH 780 up gauged to 330 (9M-MTI). Departed at 20:10 instead of scheduled departure of 18:05 but returned to gate at 20:51. Left gate again at 23:18 and estimated to arrive BKK at 00:15. Return flight is expected to depart BKK at 01:15 (I highly doubt they can turnaround a 330 in 1 hour) and expected to arrive KUL at 04:30. Incoming MH 781 is expected to turnaround as MH 164 to DOH with a delayed departure at 05:30 (highly unlikely). Pretty much anyone connecting at DOH for the 08:00-ish connection bank will be gone.
  13. Passengers at a diverted airport aren't usually allowed to disembark and will remain on board. I think Google got it wrong. I've seen a few diversions at KUL before and they are usually at the C remote gates (or if A/B piers are used, then it'll be a remote stand there too). It looks like NZ will spend some time at KUL. Scheduled departure is now 02:55 22 November. Seems like crew timed out or they encountered a mechanical issue. Parked at gate C35 when pax were allowed to disembark. Today's NZ283/284 (AKL-SIN-AKL) is canceled due to aircraft in KUL.
  14. Google said it was gate A11 for LH and A10 for LX 😬 but I doubt that's right because A11 can't fit an A350.
  15. Sort of makes sense for MH (hopefully not another subsidiary) take over SZB regional jet operations. FY can focus on secondary hubs/routes (ex-PEN/BKI/KCH routes plus KUL-AOR/TGG etc.?) around the country with single cabin planes where as MH will focus on greater KL (KUL & SZB) flights with 2-cabin planes. I don't know how well FY's SZB flights are doing but they are selling it at a very high premium compared to MH's KUL flights. If I have to guess, FY is doing quite decent on SZB-PEN/XSP and maybe KBR.
  16. All except NZ has left for SIN. NZ canceled their SIN-AKL tonight (along with the planned KUL-SIN). I guess they are spending the night in KL tonight.
  17. The whole SARP banked on SKS and MAG's SZB plans? I'd have thought they invited AK/OD along as well. Fares ex-SZB are generally 20-50% higher for the same airline group ex-SZB. And let's not forget other regional carriers who may be interested to serve SZB as an O&D (SQ Group comes to mind).
  18. Seems like quite a few interesting diversion to KUL (from SIN) this evening due to weather. NZ 284 from AKL (B789), CZ 3039 from CAN (A320), LH 790 from MUC (A359), SQ 319 from LHR (A380), 6E 1013 from DEL (A320), LX 176 from ZRH (B77W), 5J 805 from MNL (A321), and AK 717 returned to base. MH 605 flew for 1:52 to SIN!! I am curious what happens if crew timed out at KUL. LX, LH, NZ are still on the ground as we speak.
  19. I am curious how does SKS survive during the northeast monsoon when those islands are pretty much closed. They could fly to Pangkor but I guess the demand is pretty low as it's somewhat accessible by cars easily compared to Redang and Tioman.
  20. Good luck getting passengers with those prices and without OW tickets. Good for them if they can fill it up with their air+hotel package.
  21. Believe it or not, but at one point, MH's LHR-KUL-SYD/MEL/BNE fares are cheaper than LHR-KUL. Or TK's KUL-IST-JFK is cheaper than KUL-IST, both with free stopovers at the airline's hub
  22. It's the price people are willing to pay to not schlep all the way to KUL. A 15-20 minute car ride instead of a 45-60 minute car ride. If it works out for the SZB operators, good for them (just like how LCY>LHR>LGW>>STN price wise) Comac C919? 😂 Although that's getting into the 150 seater category. I am thinking maybe E2 or A220. Seems like that can be a good fit for SZB plus tertiary ASEAN cities ex-KUL so MH can build up their frequencies. The A220 even has range to fly KUL-CTS. I better not jinx it - otherwise we might see MH A220 flying KUL-CTS!
  23. So it's more of a LCY/HLP instead of a HND/SHA. Assuming SKS takes delivery all of its 10 E2s on order, there won't be much RON parking room left for AK/MH/FY/OD plus foreign carriers? I remember vaguely they announced that it was meant to accommodate jets up to 320/737 or has that now changed. If anyone has been to Pavilion Damansara Heights recently, then they'd not want WCT as the contractor for SARP. The roads there are a mess and it's making traffic around that area worse and it's not even half ready yet. Subang Skypark line doesn't need to be nonstop. I think the previous stop at Subang station is great. It allows passengers to transfer to the Kelana Line or god forbid, someone transfers to KTM Komuter.
  24. I don't think Japan has fully recovered (just based on flight capacity between NH/MH/D7) and the Yen is very weak now. I saw the fleet page on Going Places and it didn't mention wifi on the 7M8. I hope those will get external wifi too. IIRC, the Subang Airport Redevelopment Plan (SARP) was supposed to be completed within 3 years (or was it supposed to begin within 3 years, which if that's the case, nothing will come to fruition until 2035?). Current T3 doesn't seems to be able to cope with the planned extra capacity. Anthony Loke mentioned that the Subang Skylink (KTM) will be revived once SZB realizes it full potential (I guess they aren't really moving far away from T3 then?).
  25. I am curious if the lackluster in tourist numbers goes beyond China. SCMP is reporting that Thailand is seeing less than expected tourists arrivals from Japan. And Korea tourists is similar to that of pre-pandemic now. KUL hasn’t seen full 2019 capacity recovery from Korean/Japanese carriers (nothing major) but I believe JHB lost Jin Air. BKI may have surpassed 2019 KR capacity with OZ’s new seasonal flights?
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