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  1. Well done Capt. Nik and others who are involved.
  2. Unreliable airspeed is one of the difficult situations that a pilot has to face. Once this particular failure had been identified, a procedure based on pitch angles and thrust settings will ensure the a/c fly safely. The pilot must be aware not to stall and overspeed the a/c. All the procedures is done with memory. However, Airbus has developed a system to decrease the workload of the crew, which called the Back-UP Speed Scale (BUSS). This indication is based on Angle of Attack (AOA). The BUSS enables the crew to fly at a safe speed, by adjusting pitch and thrust. I'd say, the more automation system you have onboard, the more tougher to fly the a/c.
  3. Thanks Joseph Foong. We look forward in meeting you.
  4. Or you can type in on your Facebook search: LeX Firefly Flight Simulator (Public)
  5. Hi All! How's your weekend going? Our team at the Lex Firefly Flight Simulator are looking forward to introduce a new programme. The new programme which consists of general exposure of Airways Flying and basic Aircraft systems. Please login to your Facebook and do drop by our Facebook page and vote for our new programme. Thanks for your attention. Facebook link: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/pages/LeX-Firefly-Flight-Simulator-Public/186356678074536 Best, Lex Firefly Flight Simulator Level 2, Empire Shopping Gallery SS16/1 Subang Jaya 47500 Selangor Darul Ehsan Tel: 016-3865433
  6. Dear Pall, How are u? It is a really nice simulator for your information. I've flew the sim a number of times, it's just that they don't have the motion. Lol. The instructors there are pretty much flexible to the customers, you can learn to circuits (T/O & Landing), Basic flying skills and even to proper airways simulation. Thay have a nice classroom for the classes/briefing before you do the flying. Worth the money mate. Put aside the simulator for a moment, you'll get to learn something and experience something as low as MYR30, that's a pretty good deal for me mate. You'll never know what u're missing.. Cheers.
  7. will definitely drop by and fly the sim..come on evryone!
  8. yes!!bring this Sim down to Malaysia..
  9. Asslamualaikum and very good day evryone! Adam, good luck on your SPM and we wish u all the very best. If u're building your way in becoming a commercial pilot, by all means, go ahead! Do bear in mind that, not only MAS are taking fresh SPM students as cadets, do take a look at any other airlines as well. Broad out your options. In'Allah, you will be one someday! PPL-A is for Airplanes, while PPL-R is for Rotor wings(Helicopter).
  10. hey alberttky!how is it going? about taking the Malaysian Air Law Exam,guess u can consult with the DCA at Putrajaya..from there,u can make ur payments and book ur exam slot as well..i can assist u a bit on the paper..PM me for more details.. cheers..
  11. that's a great idea..residents will be happy with the curfew regulation..taking london city or sydney (kingsford) for example..
  12. well..I agree with Capt.Radzi there..as soon as the sun is under the horizon,that's the visual cue..for the calculations of prayer times,it depends on quite a few factors and it also depends on which prayer times of the day..basically we need to know the (Lat) and (Long) of the area together with local time zone for that area (LMT)..by putting in all this info on the specific given chart,we can get the estimated time of the prayer times.. here's a link for reference: http://www.tanzil.info/praytime/doc/calculation/
  13. the turn around or what other calls it the holding pattern might be due to traffic or to lose some of your altitude..the procedure is fairly simple,standard holding pattern is always right turns,otherwise stated on your chart or governs by the ATC.during the old days,we used to have the so called 'holding stacks' where aircraft are holding like 'UNO STACKO' while waiting their turn to make an approach to land..haha..u'll come across later with the holding entry,holding speeds etc. maybe someone can add more from my reply..
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