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  1. thx jerryjane! I'm looking forward to a great vacation! Anybody some information regarding spotting in LGK?
  2. Airshow sounds quite interesting ... but I think that wouldn't be good for honeymoon that would result in too much time at the airport. Beside this fact, everything has already been booked ...
  3. Hi guys, in a few months I'll visit Singapore and Malaysia with my wife. Although it's our honeymoon I'll be able to spend a few hours at the airports in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Langkawi. With spotting in Singapore I'm quite familiar, the time in KUL won't allow me to spot outside the terminal buildings (maybe I can still change that) but our hotel in Langkawi (where we'll stay about a week) is quite next to the airport . I don't expect much traffic in LGK, but I'm sure there are some interesting movements for a German guy. Can somebody provide some information about spotting in LGK (locations, problems ...)? That would be quite nice ... Information about good restaurants in SIN, KUL and LGK are also welcome! Cheers, Jens
  4. Soon it is March and so I'll leave Germany heading to BKK next friday (March 5th) ... I'm looking forward to a really fascinating holiday discovering the north of Thailand and later relaxing near Phuket airport Spotting at BKK I have planned on March 13th or 14th - depending on the weather and/or possible local fellow spotters. I would be quite glad if somebody would join me for some hours of great spotting at BKK! Just feel free to contact me! Cheers, Jens
  5. I've got a 70-200 and a 100-400 ... do I have problems with small airplanes with 200mm (I ask because I have to decide which lens I take to Thailand - the 70-200 is quite light and the 100-400 is heavy but very versatile ..) I have to take the lens 2 weeks in my backpack and every kg I do not need is a good kg =)
  6. Stunning traffic - great work Cornelis! Hope to see more soon
  7. We are just planning the trip and it looks like we'll have the hotel in the city center. So I'll have to move out to the airport in the morning and can't spot from the roof of the Queens Garden ressort. Just searched the internet regarding the connections from city center to airport and only found the information about the "Suvarnabhumi Airport Link". Is this railway already operational or will it be when I visit BKK in March? It would be a great help to get out to the airport and little time. Once again the question regarding the lens at the 19 spotting location(s): how many mm focal length I need for landing shots? Thanks again! Jens
  8. Thanks Cornelis - that are awesome information ... what a great trip Cornelis - It think this was really a nice adventure. With quite few time for real spotting to my mind .... but that my personal opinion
  9. You expect mainly Rwy 19 in March - that's right? What about the traffic on the runways - is there one for landings and one for starts or is it mixed? (some airlines always on a special rwy?) ... one important question for me is the decision which lens I will bring to BKK - would you prefer a 70-200mm or a 100-400mm lens (on an 1,6 crop) Thanks a lot for the information - but more is always appreciated
  10. That looks really great! Are takeoffs from this runway at this position quite high? The question is - is it possible to get on the roof of the hotel witout problems? ... perhaps although you are not guest in the hotel? The position looks quite nice =) What about an evening position for spotting?
  11. Thanks for the information guys! Really great - it's always a pleasure to be here on malaysianwings! ... as soon as I know exact dates I'll tell you when I'm in BKK. Is there any document / google map where the spotting locations are marked? (Just for planning and the hotel booking) I don't publish it on the internet or give it to others - I promise! It's only to check how to get to the spotting location and be variable depending on the actual weather conditions when I'm in BKK. That would be quite nice!
  12. ... but isn't the Thai Post spot outside the airport - I saw approach shots from this position? I'm just planning our family holiday in Thailand - I expect to photograph one morning and one evening - or two mornings / two evenings in BKK depending on the available spots. I'll probably be in Bangkok from March 13 to 15 (16) 2010 . I planed to choose the day spontaneously - depending on the actual weather/smog situation ... but I'm sure we find a solution
  13. So spotting is not allowed in Thailand at all? Does airport control take away your camera and chip or what happens when they "catch" a spotter? Are there any other spots in BKK and Phuket which are "secure"?
  14. Hi guys, next year in March I'm back in Asia for a family holiday. Not in Malaysia or Singapore but in Thailand. Just searched for spotting opportunities at BKK - but there's few stuff on the internet. I heard about a spot near Thai Post but that's all quite unprecise. I'm sure many of you have been in Bangkok already and can give me some information where to photograph and how to get there! That would be quite nice! ... from Bangkok I'll travel to the Phuket area and will also have a day of spotting there. Phuket seems quite nice with spotting from the beach - but further information is appreciated! I'm sorry that I can't visit you all at KUL and SIN - we had a great time in February and I'm sure I will come back Cheers, Jens .... one more thing: in November I'm in Hanoi on a businesstrip - any information about spotting in there?
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