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  1. Any news on why this aircraft park at klia for quite awhile?
  2. 738 is not capable to fly 10hours but bbj because u can put extra fuel and the load is not like pax aircraft correct me if im wrong.
  3. They already bought one b734 and from what i know they will start charter operation from johor to im forgot where..and they try to setup another base in kota bharu..
  4. http://www.aeroinside.com/item/4946/lufthansa-a321-near-bilbao-on-nov-5th-2014-loss-of-4000-feet-of-altitude Maybe qz8501 facing the similar problem?and slow reaction from the cockpit..
  5. How bout MAS accident is it pilot error??i still think MAS still safe because mh17 was shot down by someone and mh370 still unknown n nowhere to be found..
  6. Well most indonesian carrier already serve all pax with this "nasi kotak" thing with mineral water..
  7. Maybe they could change different type of wau..since we have many type of wau..wau bulan wau kucing wau helang n etc..
  8. Kancil as in kereta kancil??😂😂😂 watched in buletin utama mh now loss rm7million a day..
  9. Wonder if erl or ktm would consider to connect from szb to kul.
  10. It doesnt make sense..still cant proof anything since PC last nite said its end over the indian ocean..and not a single debris or picture to proof it..atleast show something to support the statement..u cant just said it end like that..hoping today PC will bring up something to support last nite PC..
  11. Hi,just popup few question in my mind since been few days of SnR yet still havent found any clue about what exactly happend to mh370. My question is if MH370 lost contact at reporting point "igari" with let say around 6 to 6.5hours of endurance which country within 6hours endurance it can go around igari point..and is it possible for b777 to fly stealthly without any trace?? Thank you
  12. Is there any possibility other than crash?maybe it been hijacked??just asking since from my reading both elt still havent sent any distress signal and no sign of any wrekage from the aircraft..
  13. Theres the possibility of flaring to high n hard landing on the main wheel and cause the wing to nearly came off from the fuselage..anyways from the picture its still havent reach the 1000ft marker n just pass the piano key..abit off from the centerline.. Correct me if im wrong..
  14. Even a nose wheel collapse wont break the aircraft into 2 and damage the wing like that..unless its made in china..
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